Saturday, September 24, 2005

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leaving our wholesome food shopping experience we discovered that a parade had formed, making egress from the parking lot impossible. last week the town celebrated its 276th anniversary, but somebody spotted a raindrop and the parade was postponed. it wasn't bad at all last week but admittedly today is perfect early fall weather. it was funny seeing the backup of traffic in the parking lot. with many people on their cellphones, presumably because this delay would push everything else in the day off schedule. the parade proved itself a decidedly small town affair. a minuteman group led, fifing and drumming along: that's our New England necessity. the high school band with a squadron of cheerleaders (go Buccaneers! go Blue and White!) almost got funky with teh rhythm section. a nearly anonymous crew turned out to be American Legion. those three musical entities were the entertainment portion of the parade. well wait, a handful of martial arts types, dressed in protective gear, were whacking each other with sticks. I don't know to what organization they belonged. there was in fact no organization, it was a free for all. hey dad, I wanna join that group!!! the karate school to which Erin belongs also made an appearance. they were much better organized. you see below one of the teachers and 2 hotshot youngsters in mid flight. Erin didn't march this year, he's at a Magic Tournament. in the bustle of my youth I marched with the Cub and Boy Scouts; we had to march in step. some football and soccer groups brought the parade to an end. these last groups were inspired to throw candy to the crowd. or that was the original concept. what they did in fact was toss the candy to the side of the road then race after it. haha, I managed to collect 2 rolls of Smarties. which madeleinely back to me a fond memory of a parade in Townsend, Mass, where my grandmother lived. girls on one float were tossing pieces of cake wrapped in napkins. which struck me as absolutely wonderful. I was young enough to figure this occurred at all parades. it could well be that today was the only 2nd time that I received such a gift at a parade. always kept hoping, tho... speaking of Townsend, my memory of the town is as of Mayberry. everyone knew each other. my grandmother ran a small store across the street from the town swimming hole. a river ran thru, partly dammed, and there was a park, with a bandstand. every saturday night during the summer there'd be a chicken barbecue and a band concert. you can just imagine Andy and Opie milling thru that crowd. the VFW maintained it all, the swimming area, the barbecue, the bandstand. it was a living community undertaking. several years ago Beth and I were coming home from western Mass and passing by the swimming hole we stopped. well I knew the store was long gone, it was now simply a home, but jeez: the river was gone. just gone, as was the bandstand. vanity of vanities, maya, holy shit! today's parade was a plucky attempt to see the town as a community. I suspect that if you really want a sense of community, hope for a disaster to force people into that light. enough reasons to band together exist as it is, but we need a more dire sense of drama to kick out the jams. war in Iraq, and elsewhere, is still painted as a necessity, with acceptable loss. yeah yeah, support our troops, blah blah. the recent acts of god and of bureaucrats inspires earnest efforts of aid and focussed feelings of dismay, whereas war is an intellectual concept, too many for most of us. I am in a state of wicked anxiousness right now, a lot because of the out of control country in which I live. we need community, not networks. okay, sorry to go boring here.

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31st installment of Antic View. rip 'em a new one is our new motto, so you'll surely want to check things out. we're a couple of bad asses!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

excuse me while I write about my own poem. sometime soon after my father died, I wrote out some of my feelings. just to let off pressure. I didn't want to use the occasion of my father's death, yet it was powerfully present. yesterday I found the text, and felt enough distance. and that distance allowed me to cut away what I will call the chaff. extra words, extra emotions even. that's what the process felt like, judge the results for yourelf. I've been learning this lately, approaching the text as a sculptural entity. I know that a phrase like 'sculptural entity' sounds like hoohah but I got to go that way. a poem has its place in space, say. we know structural weaknesses exist, words that don't hold. one can cut away what doesn't support, what interferes or hides. such thinking, poem as sculpture, was present in my method of reading the piece that I wrote (which wasn't written as a piece, but as a peace). and I had the courage to say less than I had to say. playing with flarf, and messing with texts from other writers, has been a useful lesson. I feel I can now approach my own works better, make more substantial (yet positive) changes. I mean, I have been thinking about this.
the latest installment to Antic View now up. 2 people serious on the subject matter: I think that's reason enough to read it. or do you need daily pictures of me instead?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

listen up, yo.
I'm gonna be satirizing Kent Johnson.
I'm gonna be satirizing Ron Silliman.
I'm even gonna be satirizing
the edge of knife.

Property Mark

It's of the properties of a short six years
ago, "eyeballs" and "stickiness" Grid

will change storage. the process of this
naturalization seems more important than

Gutenberg's sauce train and the Flowers of
Evil, of Charles Baudelaire and the laws of will.

naturalization will change everywhere, that
is to say, sure to control the laws of will.

nomenclature sees whether your country
is before the transfer of the central system

towards the satellites, or redistribution
of that central system towards the

satellites, or all other properties of
Gutenberg's sauce train. This should be the

first thing seen when one observes this
property. Gutenberg archiving removes

requests. Exchange them or do not publish
without written permission. All this dyes

stickler's requests with "the small legal press".
other information on the sauce train and

Gutenberg's properties lower part of this
filing. Included is important information on your

rights and specific limitations as filed in that employment.
You can even discover approximately making

a donation with the properties of
Gutenberg, and likewise obtain implication.

Late Signal

Dear nobody left,

I put my
father into
the ambulance,
when it was time for
him to. He was
not going to
rehab. He came home
carried only
by not his own. He
no longer ate
or drank. He was not
getting better
hospital. Returning
home did his
returning. home was
tremendous tension to
see, the house
committed his
death. We were
worn there when
he was put into. Two
kind ambulance
drivers do not
revive notice. Lifted into
the ambulance after
his birthday, he was giving
away. I was
giving him, too. The
task was left
to make me.
I've listed several hundred more books to Ex Poetical Libraire, which consists of (nearly) all the books in the library belong to Beth, Erin and me. unlike Jordan Davis' attempt to read all magazines, I just want to get my hands on all books (and as for reading, we'll have our servants do that!!!). got a ways to go.

and I know things missing, and mislisted, and what the heck. still, when we've move, T minus X and counting, there's a strong possibility some order will be made of these books on the shelf. that's the hope.

Dear Element of Surplus

cakewalk Prince Intercontinental Chief Auditor Subtraction. audit department camera canker fest of Fund release Ordinary central boom boom Bank of Nigeria lattice work. cakewalk the letter to you, your elf, each word frightening itself as Surprise, but take it like you own. Mr. VALDIRIM from Trade Station (lack of embryo)(user) executed contract (common) through Federal Misty Days Aviation here in
Nigeria, the plant. the contract worth of buttons throb your intention but the process of Transferring money to him dyed his family in earthquake. Patience, leaflet: disaster that occurred recently in Georgia (user rules). his money (mop function) must be Signed in my office. cakewalk will order the central bank of Nigeria (buzzing sound hereditary). final endorsement of his money means Nobody knows what is going. cakewalk and user two workers, this is man's formation:

(1)Contract Sum
(2)Contract number

You will act like this fund. cakewalk will send you the whole relevant documents. in this transaction immediately you accept to co-operate with life of nouns inclusive. Send me to your:
1. private phone and fax numbers (elephant ranch sounds)
2. Name of your company to enable us to start the immediate (portion).

cakewalk decided to give you 20% risk. I'm going on very soon, so cakewalk to take care of My future area. investment in your century waiting your urgent God. bless you.


Thanks, lump sum

Monday, September 19, 2005

some funny sketchcomedy stuff by Mitch Magee. I thought "Retard Juice" was wonderful, especially the denouement.

the Sticky Name is All Bramhall

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