Monday, March 29, 2010


I joined the Freemasons in January. I was looking for a social place, and Beth said that her stepfather, who died last summer, really enjoyed being a Mason (and a Shriner, which is affiliated). I know, cloudily, that my grandfather was also a Mason. He died, blind from diabetes, when I was 7, so I did not know him well.

Those 2 connections were strong in my deciding to check out Freemasonry. I have lost most of my family, and feel that loss.

Freemasonry, of course, is a lightning rod for controversy. In going thru the Masonic process, I have kept my eyes open. I have not joined a group since I was a Boy Scout. Well, coterminously, I also joined Toastmasters International, to improve my speaking ability. Did you know that Toastmasters perform human sacrifices? Oh yes,  and I can write an Internet article to prove it.

Well, the point of this post is to advert yet another Bramhall blog. I have detailed all my Masonic adventures so far. The Masonic rites are surprisingly compelling.