Saturday, December 10, 2005

Friday, December 09, 2005

Jeff and I, 2000 miles apart, took writin'pills, and so we be up to installment 49 as of still this day, combining coaxials with data bases for a supreme run of the mouth (plural). please read with excitement.
I've been out to lunch for a while but the 47th installment of the Bramhall-Harrison Death Match (yclept Antic View, pardner) is now up.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pete Muppet

I think that all meat deserves a chance

I think an offer of meat will be the puppets

I think meat has begun to play

I think because of meat in Scottsdale, Arizona

I think January meat in 1980 called in the original ramparts of immaturity

I think low abrupt meat played respectfullty

I think the meat of brothers have played drums

I think they have begun the meat in June, in 1980.

I think the first meat was all heart punk, with vocals

I think meat in their delivery was unsolved

I think the meat of bigger deposits

I think The musical meat was most times vibration neck

I think the meat has been colored with a element thin and that froths

I think that is abandoned meat of ghost

I think their meat cathartique and explosive matter have attracted etiquette attention

I think acrylic punk meat has released dissatisfying result

I think the meat has codebreak

I think The fascinating experimentation of the meat is psychedelically acidic
interesting writing, links, stuff: Zasusy

Sunday, December 04, 2005

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Ron Silliman bespeaks Charles Olson at his blog of centrality, and the collective performs center ring commentary. their exercise is their exercise, but I like to hear Olson mentioned in this day that is today. I know O is a geezer now. like, he died and all. and he was big, dig yoiu know? I get tired about hearing about. but he stewed away. he was a weird ass goofball like Jung was. but likewise willing to leap. flaws, shit yeah. but I love to read him, I love to hear him. he was working at it. writing as scholarship, scholarship as poetry, poetry as something...useful?. he was a different shithead from Pound. and when I say shithead, I mean, who among the angels can hold on to the light? human flaws are an old story, cultural flaws persist. the Santa Claus squared of post pastmodern poemetries. yup, it's all there. and the poetry is there, too, and has been a light for me. what writer has troubled you so much that you just kept going? that's the measure. it's not a competition.
nice to see a good professional review of David Larsen's The Thorn. it's a take notice sort of book. Larsen, I assume, is somewhat younger than 175, the age Christina Rossetti will be tomorrow, yet his book is a mature work. there's some visualities in the book, and I look forward to more from him. he's someone to keep an eye on. better still, he's someone to read with your best game as a reader.

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