Saturday, January 10, 2009

oh, okay, here is one of Robert Grenier’s comments on my class work. I know it is pretty unreadable but I think the gist is that I am awesome, you should buy my books, and generally you should bow to me. you can forgo the bowing if you would simply buy this book.


It Started Here…


The following is from the one creative writing class I took in high school, when I was 17. I began writing the year before. I am glad that Mrs H noted my predilection for rewriting. I am sure I did not do a lot of that rare thing, but any time a young writer makes such effort, it is worth noting. I also found one of the comments that Robert Grenier made for a poetry class I took at legendary Franconia College, a study of American poetry. I cannot put my hand on the one in which he notes that I spent my time either writing or playing ping pong. living in Franconia meant that Littleton, NH represented Big City Lights. click the image to read the report.



Thursday, January 08, 2009

a few thoughts in an unfocused post:

1st) Anny Ballardini and Obododimma Oha (denizens of the Wryting-L list) have collected poetic responses to the recent election in USA at the site Anny oversees, Poet's Corner. the specific link is here, but check out all the work collected at the site, including a poem by Ezra Pound's daughter. I was invited to contribute to the project (Anny is one of the really supportive poetry folk out there--stay out of NYC, Anny!!!), but had nothing fitting, and I did not write to fit. work by Your Servant can be found on the site, however, including a couple of poems for the Autumn anthology

2nd) I know I should be more adept with my links. some are out of date, others could be added. Ron Silliman's excellent harvesting of links, which lose some usefulness with the less than evocative captions that he supplies, shows a terrific span of attention. in the same vein, but more so, of course, is Wood's Lot, which left my link list some while back because of my inability to do justice to (id est: read) it all just made me sad. a stunning range of material.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I have added links to more of my work (work I neglected to link to earlier), to the right there, yonder, which you might feel inspired to tap. you can even buy what excellent Carl Annarummo created of my wordage: Walden Book, a sort of preamble to Days Poem, which you already cherish as 1000 pages of awesome. Walden Book is the early buzz of the same obsessions, not to give any stories away. the internet, cor, it fills up with your work.