Saturday, May 15, 2004

I'll try to get more Digital up, and more other stuff. right now it is a slow process, which I am not easy with.
the 1st comment posted on this blog being so insightful, I should expatiate a bit on the point of community. because the lines are drawn. in the larger world, my point of exclusion is hard to argue against. so many groups, however defined, find themselves out. recently on the radio, sports radio, someone referred to the sports commentator community. I wonder if sports commentators vote as a bloc. the poetry community defines itself by what is left out. when people squawk about mainstream poetry, or langpo, it's a sweeping motion with the broom. ambitious networking is alive and well. but me no buts.
please free the homemade dickhead who lost

Friday, May 14, 2004

put "Digital Cellular Phone" up on a site. I don't firmly know what I am doing, so I've flailed. didn't use a template this time. this is the site here

Thursday, May 13, 2004

isn't community kinda defined by what it leaves out?
quote Jack Kimball, "War is unjust when there is only one state to wage it." when Jack lands on such phrases, which are such gifts, it feels like poetry could be a town
in Vermont
telling us
of a lake
and a river
and tidal memory over
some rebuke but
beyond a
flick of light
not grandstanding
and who needs
local poetry
when poetry
gets beyond the person
and the ambitions
(point blank
on all those
eager "young"
working towards the
same thing...

well I don't mean to go on
but poetry biz is dead
but poetry lives on
despite us

thanking Jack for
those flickers

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

serial poems, or tying them along the way. Duncan began to keep it all chronological. he had several ongoing projects, and in book form presented them as they came to him. a weaving of threads. Alan Sondheim's Internet Text weaves numerous threads in a grand oeuvre, perhaps not all chronological but ongoing certainly. hard to even imagine that whole oeuvre, so large, but the idea is thrilling. this comes up from reading Blaser.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I pulled out Robin Blaser's collected poems (collected as of 1993, I don't know what's up since). Poetics list will reverberate when he dies. Poetics list folks seems to be big on the recently deceased, that's when they start to talk. Blaser gets lost next to the aura of Spicer and Duncan, is a quieter poet. god, I love collected poems, at least when there's substance. and a poet like Blaser maintained a vital praxis thru out his career, if career is the appropriate word. his poems connect with each other. just wanted to mench.
reading Path to Buddhahood by Ringu Tulku (Shambala 2001). I don't want to talk much about my Buddhist reading, it either sounds fake or proselytizing. seems like Tulku is a good writer, tho. similar to Dalai Lama, a quiet thoughtfulness. I'm nervous about self help books, which some Buddhist books turn out to be. this book lays it out logically and cool, and it makes sense. enough of my mouth.
shit man shit, I gotta get some free web hosting, pop stuff online.

Monday, May 10, 2004

uttering lost
in the able
public note
hello brand new Blogger, workin' out the kinks.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

our son, who hit the big one five on tuesday, takes a different route with the revolution. music is a political stand for teenagers, but it is usually new aggravating music that they choose. our son does diff, to wit: he is into disco. bopping to his different drummer, how to grieve that? because he's homeschooled, he has a different grasp of pop culture, not having the imperatives of school force fed him. disco is consistent with his taste, for he likes the sort of hypnotic repetition that disco has. I stopped listening to pop music in the 70s because I couldn't bear the disco sound. I hated hearing the Stones and the Dead playing along with it (Fairport Convention did no such thing!). disco as a pop fad is egregious, just as any you name it wears thin and thinner. world weary this and angry that, they all end up as promotions. it's funny, Beth and I straining not to be our parents up against this this this.... today the volume rose because "Disco Inferno" hit the airwaves. that's one I don't mind so much. gee, the bass line's real smart, and the song sounds more like soul or r&b to my aged ears than smack dab disco. disco I think of, at its worst, as Ponch and John tooling down the highway (whether chasing perps or flowing in the wind) to droopy horns and persistent high hat. yikes. "Disco Inferno" gets me tho. what a concept! for Beth and me, disco is an Inferno, leastwise a purgatory. and to take the slogan of the Watts riot and transmogrify it into hoky sex on the dance floor, man, let the politics roll. so I aint ramming Erin for liking disco, he found it on his own, I just feel as ungenerous as my father was. peccavi.
Blogger now includes comments, a natural step for them. so suddenly, rather rudely, one can see a bold NO COMMENTS message, to highlight the whole lack of audience thing that is crushing my spirit and total urge to create. dude, you mispelled greatful!!!. I'll supply my own comments, make me feel liek Whitman.

jokes on you

2 separate hits on this site after searches on Ndoga Mupesa, as mentioned in spam thing below. I better hustle up before they snatch the deal from my grasp.
received a manuscript from a 13 year girl in Missouri. when was I in Missouri? the girl is anxious to get going, publishing wise. her poems don't proclaim the next poem making genius, nor should they. writing, perhaps especially poetry, takes a while to learn. to get to a focus on what you should be doing or what all. what I liked about her writing was it seemed genuine. Kenneth Koch's books on teaching children point out ways to end around the received wisdom that exerts on us all, and certainly heavily on children. it's a slow process finding a means appropriate to you, and a vocabulary. it is scary to think how people's ambitions and insecurity lead them to produce the patent dilutions that get, finally, published and crowd the shelves. Pound's writing circa early last century (ABCs of Reading) about the same issues. inventors, masters, diluters, writers sans salient qualities. it is ever thus, and we all fail in our icy gaze, at self and others, to recognize the which for the other which. watch out for the teachers and those who congratulate, Anna from Missouri. when she's 20, people will stop congratulating on the score of her youth, and big league rules will apply. Robert Grenier at Franconia was remarkably open to student writing. for someone so identified with a certain aesthetic, he seemed quite helpful to those well outside it. my own aesthetic was pretty inchoate, I was much baffled by what I didn't udnerstand (Stein, Zukofsky, Pound), but receptive at least.