Sunday, July 10, 2016

In, Out, and About

I was awake betimes and coincidentally so was the cat. He has discovered that staring at me not only wakes me but causes me to feed him. I then broke fast, then settled into a Coursera course: Buddhism and Modern Psychology. I listened to the first lecture, all three parts and the addedum. Made a fruit salad and juiced some greens, apples, and carrots. That was much the morning. Okay, I am also up to speed concerning the Red Sox.

Beth had an inspection to do so I rode shot gun, all the way to the exploding Arlington market. I remained in the car as Beth did that. The Alewife Brook itself flowed nearby tho I suspect sans alewives now. Being smartphone-empowered, I sat in the car and practiced some very simple Spanish lessons. This is completely different from the runner who crossed busy Alewife Brook Parkway while textually confronting her phone.

Beth had a list of comps to take pictures of, so we hunted around for them, occasionally noting the happy fact of street signs and house numbers to, like, clarify where we were.

The excitement didn’t stop there. Beth had neglected breakfast, which I am constitutionally, and even morally, unable to do, so we stopped at Panera for something more like lunch. It was after two, I guess.

We went next door for catfood then headed for Wegman’s for replenishment of juicing ingredients. A side street in this industrial hi-tech mess near the Burlington Mall and Wegman’s passes thru wetlands. Make way for goslings occurred here. A car widdershins awaited as the gang sashayed across the street. Mother bird made a point of standing there eying the car as the young ones crossed to the wetlands. She did the same for us.

This was my big camera-ready moment. I had my phone in my hand the other day when we saw a little puppy-like fox casually take in the summer rays. I completely blew that opportunity. With the geese, I should have telephoto’d. Beyond that, I haven’t quite got the right grip for the phone to steady it. If interested in these blurry relicts, lemme know. Erin, I learned last night, got notice that he was on the Dean’s List his last semester. Given the nadir—totally wrong major—this zenith is macro awesome. I shall soon zealously boil pasta for tonight’s dinner offering.