Saturday, December 17, 2005

my great good blog

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a couple of new sections to Seize Song. it seems to be part of the season, plus I may have a touch more time available.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christina Strong and ambient Boston po-culture. this here hub of the universe can be pretty Podunky. here's an old poem (from my book), vis-à-vis.

Spontaneous Commons

along a slated angle and at the speed of dormitories, we are mixed with pleasure and the season of trust. we made Harvard Yard an ape testing the limits of portable knowledge. gaining a pig by training its master, we learned a horizon. integral tools love in the way that people steam the windows with shame. but then, Harvard has practiced lilacs for so long. a deed is made of glass, or cushions the softly flowing Thames. Thames equals Charles, any day now. a place that was nowhere came on strong, but we are made for mattresses. when the time is right, and all that structure studies us, we'll mail in the response clause. Harvard dangles with the new acid, the ivy climbs higher. which is better, after all, when fog closes the neat stores and we eat our neighbour's dog. tremendous whistles act like racoons, tho les contagious. and thru it all, sheep were friendly today. sudden distribution factors get to know us, or the balance of knowledge on the head of a pint. washing casuistry with something that was here yesterday, beer, then relaying the matter to the Dean of Something, with fresh underlines attracted to all the right nouns. this strange agate means more than economy does to the cat. sad straits of affairs, as one might say, on the way to class. acting on impulse never filled a balloon so rationally as trying to negotiate the stairs. the choppy waters of the Charles must prove a point, we haven't time just now.
at Bemsha Swing, there's a perplexing pop music vibe concerning Kenneth Koch. seems like a disservice.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sunday, December 11, 2005

yeah so well like anyway... adventure! friday, amidst the snowstorm, I bethink me to go to the library and at least drop off books I had and get in a bit of snowy trudge. the library is all of ½ mile away. snow plunged at a fancy rate. there was some 6" on the sidewalk. and yes, the library had closed. tho just as I got there, a delivery truck arrived and a librarian stood in the doorway to receive the delivery. I deposited my books in the book drop and turned to go, only to see Beth drive up. she had determined to go to the store and thought mayhap I would like a ride home. the snow fell quite hard at this time, visibility was remarkably low. we couldn't see the supermarket as we turned into the parking lot, and couldn't tell it was open until we reached the door. but all was well: we got the all important laundry additive and not, like, an emergency jar of mayonaise, and headed home. which, it seemed, others were doing as well. we called the car dealership to find out exactly how to turn on 4-wheel drive adn, like, can you do it on the fly. yes you can and we did. we went a ways till traffic stopped due to cars lacking traction, tho our chairot was fine. the best sight was seeing a fellow walking down the street with a jaunty gait, his phone to his ear, and a happy expression on his face. whoever he spoke with made the snow go away. we finally copped out of the jam and took the long way around. home was where we left it. yesterday, after noon, Beth and I headed to the mall. given our previous visits this holiest of Shopping Seasons, we were surprised at the crowds. there was a line in the parking lot. a policeman directed traffic. some spaces could be seen in one area but the cop wouldn't let us turn there. instead, we got to circumnavigate the entire lot, all around the mighty Burlington Mall. humanity had decided to congregate. piles of snow cut down the parking potential. in some cases, cars weren't so much parked as abandoned. after that satisfying tour, which took maybe half an hour (Seattle Slew couldn've done the distance in 90 seconds), we headed up the road to Michael's Arts and Crafts, where Beth got some items to spice up the wreath, then a walk down to Panera for restoring coffee and bagel, then across the lot to Ethan Allen's so that Beth could ogle furniture. when we left, the sky was a blaze of psychedelic orange and red. I just thought you'd like to know.