Saturday, May 08, 2004

I'm not tired in there. not in the present amble insistence, not in the crisis mold, not in the tree you use and mine. I'm declaration after what that did, and its main claim is affront. or if you'd wise up, which is distinct on tales of Guyute the ugly pig, patient if and only. here's a jig out of nowhere, while you were what. you were where when it happened. you were why listening on an edge. why stick to rules, rummy facts, a degree of desolation. I agree to disagree, the jig lasts minutes.

Friday, May 07, 2004

I guess I should go on to note that the reviled language and culture are just there, situated in topic, certainly, and anyway, it's part of going and coming. culture aint monolithic, and tho so much spins with Rummy words, there also exists darting other energies. fade you blue as you write, tho spring green sends out sails and numbers, and the wind, well, the wind pulls out the feathers in flight? speak to me in quasars, later perhaps.
might as well give Jack's link. Pantaloonatical
okay, I'm not going to say Hey Jack here, but I am responding to Jack Kimball's words at Pantaloons (do you need me to provide a link? it takes me some time, you know). since no one reads this blog, I guess it's safe that I aint doing that cross blog conversation thing, which 87% of the time strikes me as smarmy. anyway, Jack writes: "Define the atmospheres conducive for writing in 2004 in a language and from a culture that are reviled worldwide." the atmospheres (I answer) is when there is writing implement handy, and you go. the poetry that flows most publicly seems to be that which is done in the most conducive atmosphere. yes or no? I think so me, at least. so called mainstream is conducive stream. and beyond that, people gather amongst their kind, or what they take therefor, and that produces conduciveness. if an actual reviling culture existed (I mean Nazi Germany reviling), I would assert my weak intestinal fortitude and shut up, but an unlistening partisanship isn't enough to stop the typing. writing is fun, after all. I went a good 15 years without having anyone with whom to talk poetry. in ways, that hurt, that complete lack of audience, but on the other hand, I avoided the buddy system out of which sameness breeds. I would say things are pretty damn conducive to writing now, for outlets there are a-plenty. it is not a money audience out there, but a solid mass of readers awaits.
I have, at least, fulfilled the prime imperative of blogging: I blog every day, on 2 blogs. tho I prefer not to let that verb enclose what I do. I haven't conversed across the blogosphere, however. that can get terribly smarmy. I used to have a sweatshirt, made for me, that declared I HATE SMARMY. I would frequently be queried: who is Smarmy? and I could only answer that I hate the concept(s) embodied in the word smarmy. oh.
an Onion headline a few weeks ago something to the effect: Bush Tells Al-Qaeda Stop Bringing It On. look, I could provide a link but you wouldn't want me to do all the work, would you? The Boston Herald has taken an extra step down, becoming all the more tabloidal. even had a headline today referring to Rumsfeld as Rummy. not to suggest the paper's anything like liberal. I'm leery of the Times/Globe alternative, for they make so much fuckin' money, but the Herald has become oppressive.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

I'd say it don't bode well when blogrolls include blogs that ar dead or have moved.
reading Bedouin Hornbook by Nathaniel Mackey. published as part of the Callaloo Fiction Series. to put it under the imprimatur of fiction kind of diminishes it. I guess those distinctions just seem too fussy (id est: but is it poetry?????). obviously there is a fictional element in it, but to think of it as a story doesn't carry enough of what the writing is. I am not expert on jazz, can't pick up on much of what NM writes, but I like the thoughtfulness. Michael Franco's work comes to mind. that is more a story. I've seen Franco read twice. the first time, he sang "St. Stephen", which I was iffy about, just on principle. the 2nd time, he mentioned QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE, which excited me so much that when par chance I ended up sitting near him in a bar in a group from the reading, I let go native shyness and burbled about QMS. anyway, I'd love to hear Mackey's music. I've read a little of Cecil Taylor's writing and liked it. I mean I liked it for coming out of the music, or coming from the same place as. I wish I were musical, knowledgeable thus, for I miss the subtleties. I seriously demur at distinctions like poetry or fiction. I'm interested in writing. which is what I meant by my words recently about Freud. Freud's a writer, and the interest I take evolves out of his work at writing.
clearly I cannot rely on my own hits to make Site Metre respect me, OTHER people must visit the site, too. wow, this is a revelation. with this information, and just one obsessive compulsive site visitor, I could send my stats to the stratosphere, which, in poetry blogs, shall also be known as the sillisphere.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

more spam (below). up till now I have not received much really great stuff. received a 2nd communiqué from Ndoga Mupesa's wife, Jane. I am pleased to discover that I have a pretty darn good reputation from her Chamber of Commerce.
Dear Sir /Madam,
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still snowing. geting low on food. must face fact may not make it. Pierson goes crazy, runs off. and this site metre thing, I'm getting to feel like it's intrusion when I see someone other than myself show up in the stats. this is my own private massachusetts.
below is a reworking of an email to Poetics, announcing an Ashbery reading. god knows why the announcement is so ponderous. too much info and too wordily (or worldly) presented. situating A in some land of achievement. I love A Nest of Ninnies, by the way. below the Ashberry thing, just the great news I received from aCOMPLETE stranger. there must be lots of Ph.D. candidates writing papers on the desperate email from 3rd world phenomenon.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I AM Born in Rocheser

I am born in Rochester, New York on July 28, 1927. I am received a BA from Harvard hello bright (1949) and an MA from Colombia colder still (1951), and I went to France. As a Fulbright Scholar in 1955, and I am lived and worked there for most of next decade, tall in a tree. Best known as I am a porter, I am has published more than 20 collections
beginning. In 1953, with Turandot and with other Poems (Tibor de Nagy means make Editions mine) my Self-Portrait is a Convex Mirror Viking, 1975 won more, and I the three major American prizes greeting the Pulitzer, National Booker Ward, and National Book. Critics Circle award is my most recent volumes is am now beginning Wakefulness (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1998), Girls on the Run (FSG, 1999), Your Name Here As An Umbrella Rains (Qua Books, 2001), and Chinese Whispers (FSG, 2002). I am began writing about art in 1957, as I served executive editor of Art News (1965-72), and is art critic for New York and a Magazine (1978-80) and a News week (1980-85) until. A selection of is art my writings was issued by Knopf until 1989 as Reported Sightings. Art Chronicles 1957-1987 I edited is by David Bergman (Harvard Univerity Press, 1991). The novels is A Nest of Ninnies, I write with James Schuyler, and is I am first published in 1969 (Dutton) and have I been reissued. Several times the collection Three Plays (Z Press, 1978) hello includes The Heroes me first produced, in utter New York by Living the Theater in 1952. My numerous published translations from in French out included when works by Raymond Roussel, Max Jacob, Alfred Jarry, Antonin Artaud, then and two poems of collection by Pierre Martory, Every Question But One (1990) and The Landscape Is Behind the Door (1994) if is a selection of my prose pieces I edited by Eugene Richie am forthcoming. From the Univarsity of Michigan press my work is translated into my more than twenty languages. I am Professor of English and co-was-director of the MFA program in Creative MFA Writing at Brooklyn MFA College (CUNY), 1974-MFA-90, and Distinguished MFA Profession 1980-90 MFA. I delivered into Charles Eliot Norton Lectures in at Harvard into 1989-90, at published as Other Traditions (Harvard Union Verse City, Press 2000). Since 1990 I am has been Charles P. Stevenson, Jr. Professor of Languages and am Literature at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, on New York. If I is elected to membership in the American Academy of Arts and Letterers (as 1980) and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (or of 1983), and am as served as I am, Chancellor Poet Academy of American, 1988-99, well, you know. The winner is of many prizes and awards, I if received two Guggenheim Fellowships and had am a MacArthur Fellow from 1985-90. I holds honorary doctorates from Southampton College of Long Island University, the University of Rochester (NY), and Harvest Unit Varsity. International recognition for my outstanding career achievement includes the Horst Bienek. Prizing Poetry fo Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, 1991), Ruth Lilly Prizes for Poetry (for Poetry magazine, forward Modern Poetry Association and the for American Council of for the Arts, 1992), the Antonio Feltrinelli International Pride for Poetry (Academia Nazionale dei Lincei, Rome, 1992), the Robert Frosted Medal Poetry Society of America, 1995), the Grand Price de Biennales Internationales de Pose (Brussels, 1996), the Gold Metal food Poetry
American (Academy of Arts and Leaders, 1997), the Wallet Wit Man Citation of
Merde (State of New York and the New York State Riders Institute, 2000), the Signet Society Medal for Achievement in the Arts (Signet Associates, Hard Verb Universe, 2001), and the Wallet Stevens Sow Ward Academy) offering American Poets 2001 in 1993. I is made a Chevalier de l’Odeur des Arts et Ordure Lettres by the Frenchiest Ministry of Culture, and in 2002 I is named Occifer of the L├ęgion Donor of the Republic of France by presidential degree on a busy day.
Mrs Hilda Ndoga Mupesa contacted me about something IMPORTANTgot my contact from the proffesional database found in the internet when she was searching for a reliable foreigner (c'est moi) who will assist her invest this fund. and I am a butterfly filling up a tube of toothpaste with the stringy bits of my past (or paste) life, that cocoon of doubt and visible flight rules. well, this is the same Mrs HNM who was allegedly killed in cold blood on 5th april 2001 by alleged Zanu PF militias and war veterans for supporting the (Mr Morgan Tsvangirai) Movement for Democratic Chance Engendered Politics, an opposition party to the tyranny government of President Starbuck's Coffee. she is still under pressure from the secure agents for more interrogation about her hubcap assets and some vital comments. The fund right now is lodged in one of the leading companies, UNIVERSAL TRUST CO. in Zimbabwe in defaced forum and vaults Boxes. she has (furthermore) concluded all arrangement with an offshore Company to move this money through diplomatic meanings to a country where it could be directly transferred to my nominated account to ensure absolute safety and risk-free transfer of the money. I must keep this transaction confidential it deserves due to my condition rightnow, no prob, no one reads what I write. Iwill be transparent, honesty and diligence and will not be greed to divulge lumps in gravy from the original percentage offered to me thereby disappointing mashed potatoes requesting for increase which might lead meto sit on the funds once it is
under my custody, or me try to blackmail her so I can take the money alone, for super sure. so that's about all that's happening cuurently. so what's up with you?
definitely time not to check the site metre.
I want to be on top of backwards talking. actually a 9 year old writer I know (very serious and very prolific) writes backwards. then runs off to the mirror to look at his work. he writes poems and stories this way, tho not all the time. come on, people, break out of the mold.
oh look, it's time to email millions of targeted opt-in prospects. you know, I can do this with one click. funny that all my friends are opt-in prospects. very handy for me.
reading Freud yesterday and thinking, I'm just interested in the poetry. Freud offers a vision of how the mind works, but I am taken by the dissonant cohesion of his writing. and I guess that's my aesthetic. I've read Harold Bloom and find some of his ideas interesting (if they are his ideas) but jeez his writing is inexcusable. Harold, take The Elements of Style down from the shelf!

heads up

if you're not reading this blog, you're missing something.

Monday, May 03, 2004

"Skyrocket YOUR traffic today! Email millions of targeted opt-in prospects daily with one single click!"

the above from an ad at Site Metre. I think the capital YOUR is a bit insolent, don't you? I know I'm not popular, you needn't get snide with me. what does 'opt-in prospects' mean? and those prospects are targeted, just like Iraq! obviously my prospects are ready to opt-go! does one get the smell of spam here? I mean it is to dream: millions of whatsis prospects. and all for just $39.95. I'm not telling you any more about this gem, I'm keeping it to myself.
I stuck comments boxes on this site, but they don't seem to alert one (I'd be the one) that there's anything there. I mean I posted to them, to check them out, so I know that comments exist. I feel so lame. why can't I be beautiful? why can't trains detach from the pressing rail and bring idylls to us all? let's go somewhere together! why not take the summer off and travel with Phish.
must be time to check the site metre again. I'm interested to see the last time I checked.
if you see any typos on my blogs, let me know stat!!!. for that matter, let me know if you see any typos anywhere. by god, we'll get them!!!!!
yes on top of torture. a Vietnam vet who gave a talk on his experiences in the war and afterwards as a protester said, do you think they aren't doing the same atrocities in Iraq as we did in Vietnam? well I did not think humanity changed all that much in the 30 years. these cleaned-up dictionaries that are giving the impression of civilized behaviour are just blowing extra wind. oh but that aint news. these torture pictures hit me the same way as the news of priests abusing children has. it just feels dismal to consider.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

okay, so really, these site metres are giving me accurate information regarding how I waste my time. no, I'm not trying to inflate my stats, I'm checking the look, and primping the thing, and a few days ago was trying to figure out why I couldn't gain access to R&S (Blogger burp, as it happens). somebody reached R&S because of a search for Anthony Kiedis. name seventy five other poets who refer to Mr RHCP in their poetical works. I guess I could mench that a site wanted R&S in its links of buddhist sites. I looked thru my blog and saw the word buddhist once or twice, and Dalai Lama once, so there's little obvious reason to consider appropriate for such a listing. a link to the site is at R&S, quite a lengthy list of varied stuff.
I kind of think this is how blogs should be: Mairead Byrne. or this, Carl Annarummo. blogs tend to be prettily heavily loaded, and that's getting tiresome. okay, we all need career moves. take big breath. Mairead offers never so much as one link, which is cool, and Carl offers a whopper list, which is also cool.
check out xstream. Jukka-Pekka Kervinen's site. several parts. single author presentations. computer generation of issue. computer/human collaboration. Wryting issue. the last is a selection from Wryting-l. headers are included, which imposes a structure upon one's reading. a few of my things are here.
bigod I'm putting in those html tags as easy as kiss my hand. don't forget to close them!
a woman from Antigua told me her recipe for hot sauce. simply put: vinegar, habanero peppers, garlic and thyme. I gave it a go but tho I love hot sauce, Ich bin ein New Englander, thus it is my heritage to suspect any food with flavour. this is something I must face. well, I took a quart of apple vinegar, added maybe 6 peppers, quartered, eight or so cloves of garlic of varying (always) size and a few sprigs of thyme. she said you can use it right away, but it will gain potency. when she saw my handiwork she said, you need more peppers. I added the last pepper that I had, and more garlic. not bad!!!. some sauces are quite potable straight. this one wants to marry with food. wicked good with tomato, and I have used with on salad. save yourself by similar means.

war surd

these are our choices, crossed lines at the meeting of nature and breath.
will we sweat our verities in this chance meeting? yes on top of torture,
after the review.