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something of a weekend exercise, mess with a text. I kinda do the same old thing, methodwise. choose a text at Project Gutenberg. do some whimsical find and replace actions. fuss with that. do a semi-random spellcheck in which I accept corrections out of whimsy or without looking. fuss with that. send it thru Babelfish a bit then fuss with that. I don't feel clever in the use of these methods, I'm just looking for something interesting. if I were presenting these things as works of art, I may not advert the source text, or if I did, only in passing. my point is not parody, tho that must enter given what I'm doing. the source text here is Freud's Theory of Sex. I and up with 3 or 4 completely different drafts, each one plausibly a work in itself, tho it's all just hard drive filler, to disappear the next time my computer dies (I do occasionally back up my work but things disappear nonetheless) (like the 1st time I dutifully backed up onto cd and didn't realize that there's one more click to finally confirm that you want to copy to disk, so nothing actually went onto it)(yadda yadda).


the popular theory to squeal one bugle or the sound of one wind instrument = one flatulence. The bugle impulse corresponds very carefully to the poetic fable of division of the people into two halves -- perturbations and vampires. it strains to reunite with love. Therefore many feel that there are perturbations in order which the bugle object is not vampire but perturbations and there are vampires in order which is not perturbations but vampires. Such persons are called contrary bugles, or better, wallpaper experts for she who adorns you; the circumstance, that of immersion.

The number of such individuals is however difficult considerable of determination. To Immersion experts, the behavior of paper adorns you.

Walt has broken windows in his room and has torn the paper from adorns to you outside the wall.

Other persons have behaved themselves enough various in not many senses.

They are absolutely believable; that is, their bugle object always must of the same be scanty = the mind unconscious, while scantiness's opposite = the conscious mind can never be an object of longing for the trumpet, but leaves indifferent or even evokes bugle repugnance.

Bruce, however, has not believed large bugle as the voice.

I recommend that all mouse-breeders-to-be should do their homework. the perturbations cannot, because of repugnance, carry out the action. my humble contribution to mouse fancy is an excitable bugle that lacks all pleasure in relative performances. They are amphibiously believable (psychotrumpetly watertight); that is, their bugle object can belong indifferently to the same one or the other scantiness = mind unconscious. Its vampires are believable. In the same way, dancing, guiding horses, andante up and down in an elevator = coitus couture: Coco de Mer torn from the pixel of the suggestion bucket. Immersion differs the character of exclusiveness.

They are occasionally believable; that is, in determined external circumstances, the head between which is inaccessible to the excitable bugle and a beginning. they can take as the scant bugle object one person of the same one. The unconscious mind finds therefore bugle satisfaction. The believable not-they manifest in their behavior of not-collector a judgment approximately characteristic of their bugle impulse. Some exclude the judgment and the temperamental characteristics of the possessors. They take immersion like ordinary administration, hardly like the excitable person of long ago as far as its libido, demanding for salamanders the same rights as the excitable. Others, however, strain against the fact of immersion and perceive in it a morbid CompUSA.

Other variations interest time relationships. Immersion characteristics resolve for how much its memory goes, or can become manifested to the period defined before or after puberty. The character is maintained during life, or occasionally degrades or represents an episode on the excitable road. A periodic fluctuation between the excitable object and the believable bugle moreover has been observed.
given 2 books from a publisher that I don't know: New Beagle Publishing. both books are by DP Porreca. Porreca writes poenza. that word comes from scienza and poesia. the idea being a science-infused poetry (or vice versa). "a new avenue of expression for poets around the world," as the cover letter asserts. put that way, it sounds like a scam. it's not, leastwise the product that I read is sincere enough. it's a dopey assertion, tho. Olson, just one example, took science seriously in his poetry. more in tune to this particular work, scientifically philosophical, Loren Eiseley. other examples would jump into my head if I weren't so tired. it's poetry for and by people who've read such writers as Darwin, I guess. read them poetrically. the writing is at least proficient and competent. it puts me in a place in the same way reading Stephen Jay Gould and Carl Sagan, or watching the Discovery Channel. none of which is poetry, but it feeds my head. James Thurber wrote some advice on humour writing. one of his tenets, don't say that you've invented a new kind of humour, because you haven't.
a mailing from the Boy Scouts of America. the envelope says "Today's Boy Scout is tomorrow's Defender of Freedom". yesterday's Boy Scout, id est me, didn't realize I was being so groomed. the picture shows a cop, a fireman and a combat soldier standing behind a saluting Boy Scout, with an American flag in the background. the 50s are back, and then some. the image brings to mind the Village People, tho I don't mean to go there. okay boys, you've got these 3 options. I suppose Boy Scouts report directly to Homeland Security now. the organization has always represented itself as community minded, but the picture triggers a more determined political sense.

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some interesting digital collages.

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oh wait theres more: Interest Red: XI
Stephen Vincent's poem to his father, linked below, is lovely. I envy the clarity to even bespeak the occasion and emotions. my fear that I would use the moment leaves me mute. for more reasons than just that I don't feel like I've mourned my father's death. isn't this foolish.

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Gary sullivan notes a real review of Elsewhere the comic. he's not happy with the review but it's a review. even negative reviews give you something to think about. said the guy who's never been reviewed. the reviewer, who looks to be a comic jockey of note, right at the beginning refers to Japanese Notebook as a story. that's his expectation talking. knowing Sullivan to be a poet, I wasn't looking for a story. I mean, I have a sense of narrative that comprises disjunction, but I don't call that a story. so Spurgeon has his angle of approach. from that viewpoint, Gary's drawing doesn't haul enough weight. but you think of comic strips running the aesthetic gamut from Charles Schultz to Hal Foster. a finer line in Elsewhere may undermine the words. I see no point in arguing against Spurgeon except to say that he looks at the comic differently than I do. it's poetry plus to me, whereas I guess Spurgeon's seeing comix and that tradition standing behind the work. both of us expect something as we look at the comic. I'll assume that it's a typo, but it's a nice one in the review: "The overall treatment leaves a little to be something to be desired." he sure said the saying of that all right!

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AND FURTHERMORE: my 1st approach to Gary Sullivan's Elsewhere was skip around to singular panels. whereat odd even ghastly phrases meet odd even ghastly images. these panels work as meditative pinpoints. there's something downright blithering about these little packages. as Shanna Compton points out in her comment below (my 1st rumination), Gary works 1st of all as a poet. and the comic can be read straight thru. I skipped about at 1st just with the usual excitement to see what's what. reading the comic as a poem one distils more narrative line than one would expect. not story but logical attachment between panel and panel. a reason to follow. Elsewhere is not a one of but it has the author's hand, so to speak. I like the idea of handmade and one of books, tho I haven't gone far in that direction myself. I'm tired of poetry qua poetry. I keep forgetting to quote Tim Peterson, but here's a good context for doing so: I first became a language when I realized I didn't trust poetry. I began with that distrust, still have it. my crankiness (see further below) stems from the distrust. that the delicate thing gets involved in something else. which is not to say I rule out humour, political passion, ideas or what not. but that the delicate thing survives. a consideration of form is imperative. which is one of those boxy declarations I hate to see, yet sometimes you've got to put the terms out there. so Elsewhere is an encouraging whiff of something different. different in the sense that its derivations (we all derive) do not define the work, only suggest the starting point. as opposed to NY or Language poets who sound like NY or Language poets, brand name followers.

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INSTRUCTION To the poetry

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I'm probably offbase regarding Berrigan but then: why not? the column is too airy, and the tone is wrong. the column's just a pointless cog in a metropolitan function. KSM just writes social notes. okay okay.
American Address, 1970. permutations of permutations. I took Richard Nixon's State of the Union speech for 1970 (I think). I did a lot of find and replace with it. then I spell checked it. then I Babelfished it (English to French then back again). 3 very distinct versions, this being the 3rd. in each version I did a lot of rewriting. the 1st version is much funnier, but this one developed what I find to be a fascinating language. of course I'm just playing around, but for each version I had a vision (of sorts) as to how to go. I'm not just being mechanical here, tho there is nothing wrong with that either.

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honest, I really like Anselm Berrigan, and not because he chose his parents well, but this column seems awfully smarmy in a oddly bland way. Anselm Berrigan shouldn't be smarmy. I'm sure the memo went out about this. Kasey Mohammad shouldn't be smarmy either, yet his description of recent travels sounds like John Kerry on a bad day. I want to read Alli Warren's work despite what Kasey says. I feel punk ass to be calling these people out, but I don't mind expecting the best. they seem to be playing to their audience. the audience is not worth bowing to, something else is. I am disappointed in both of these writers. let them try to be disappointed with me.
I just received the 1st issue of Gary Sullivan's comic, Elsewhere. I'm pretty psyched, and for a number of reasons, tho hey, I should be writing a paper à ce moment. I'm not a total comic guy but I grok the genre some. check out Donald Duck comics from the 50s and 60s for bafflingly surreal stories. I did Marvel and DC comics into my 20s, but not desperately. definitely got tired of Marvel's soap opera approach. I also had my phase with head comix, particularly R Crumb and S Clay Wilson. what I'm getting at, there's potential in comix, visual and word together. you remember Dorn's Gran Apacheria, I hope. to my taste, the genre's potential gets lost in the tedious gritty adventures of graphic novels, but to each his own. my young friend Isaac very often includes drawings with his writings. last year in our collage class he was doing what he called collage videos, which are largely visual narratives, which he would even supply a (paper) video cassette case for. I am kinda wandering here, but want to emphasize how cool comix can be. okay, I'm not the best judge about these things, don't have a good scan of what's out there. some of Jim Behrle's comix are pretty nifty, for instance. but as I say, I'm not the best judge. I've seen Gary's visual work in Rain Taxi, in his book How to Succeed in the Arts (Faux 2002), and on his blog. if I had to peg him, I'd suggest he's akin to head comix in style, but it's poetry not drugs at the core. have I bored you yet? I'm wicked tired and trying for lucid, hahaha. ANYWAY, this here is Japanese Notebook, "all words and images seen while on my honeymoon in Japan, June 2004". the cover (fairly sturdy cover stock) is a garishly bubbly anime-styled treat of color. it looks so foreign. if I didn't know Gary's work some, I don't know what I'd make of this cover. spacy and outré. the inside cover is a b&w photo of way too many Hello Kittyesque creatures. many have upraised paws, as if the cutesy proles were taking over. it could happen! the body of the work is standard comic boxes filled with strange. the images and words are variously goofy, disturbing, odd, baffling, and I dunno. p. 6 has 3 panels. the legend atop: "there's always someone doing one's best." below that is pictured a happy-looking cellphone that is apparently giving the reader some useful advice in Japanese. below that we see CP in a subway, flicking one of his/her buttons: OFF. the final panel, CP gives the universal shh gesture. get it? and couldn't you be more neighbourly too? on p 17, the bottom panel shows an apparent teddy bear ogling someone with extreme sunglasses. above that, the words: "I love your present time (" a trip to that website finds photos and phone numbers of young Japanese women. and so forth. some of the incongruity derives from how Japanese gets shifted into English, and some of it, I daresay, is just plain whack. the effect is of life in the disjunctive lane. don't hold on too hard! I think Gary registers but doesn't align. which is interesting. I always thought I'd make a pretty good xenophobe because our human differences really rock me, plus I haven't travelled a whole heck of a lot. but I'm not offended by these differences, so I guess I'm okay. and so's Gary. he's that Keatsian character absorbing what's in the room. I suppose irony is at play here some, but that's not his point. a poetics is installed here, in his thick lines and weighty black patches. I look forward to the next installment. it looks like a labour of love.
Alan Sondheim left Poetics list, as he announced on Wrting-l and elsewhere. what kept him? well, better chance to change a place if you are part of it. but Poetics is so much deadville that it just aint funny. anouncements can be handy but they shouldn't be the core of the list. the discussions are just plain shitty on the level of thought provocation. add the sneaky smelly racism, anti-semitism and other covert and overt operations that have clogged the list and and one sees that the list just doesn't have life to talk about. it may be that listservs have served, and another mode arises. blogs fill a need, for instance, tho I won't say exactly so, nor suggest that blogs are better than listservs. I know blogs have their weaknesses, some of which I like to exhibit myself. Poetics just aint allowing the strengths of the medium to arise. which sucks!. the lumpy complaints about Sondheim's contributions to the list give evidence of a tired whiny corrective. he gave a steady and wide range of pieces to read, offered occasional poetics type commentary, and stayed on topic. Poetics loses. and just to add here, I've reinstated the commetns box. the point is to cheer me up with lavish compliments. you may begin now.
wishing James Cook would post more. I really enjoyed talking with him 2 weeks agone, an excited commitment. and as I said earlier, bringing Charles Olson to high schoolers in that very same Gloucester. the thing is not he inculcating of them, just giving them a whole different candle than what high school typically offers. plus the Gloucester that Olson took seriously. this is valuable.
10th portion of Interest Red now up. you're keeping track of this, right?

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Ron Silliman says today that sometimes the map is not the territory. I believe this is always the case. seems like a pretty essential understanding, you know, that that map of Gloucester isn't actually Gloucester. etc.
some Kimballian haiku, which I would call found things. I used to collect this stuff, notes found on the ground, especially near schools. often such imperative in the merest remark. JK has a great ear for language around and about.