Saturday, May 22, 2004

les poetes de la langue

Dans le cadre de l'exposition Les Cahiers de la Seine une chat est sur la table / Philippe Hélénon, l'espace dans ma tête galerie Touzot et les Cahiers de Picasso est sur la Seine et Martin Richet vous invitent sur le plafond à une lecture bilingue des livres très riche:

Barrett Watten
Carla Harryman

bonjours mes amis quand
Vendredi 28 mai 2004
à 19h30

la chat est sur la table
and the beeping sounds have
not fled the building

Friday, May 21, 2004

why not take a look at Tom Beckett's blog. thoughtful, sincere, intelligent. he published a really useful mag in the 80s and 90s called The Difficulties. TD provided me a great intro to several poets, most notably Ron Silliman. the RS issue included interviews, poems and critical responses. this issue really illumined a writing that I had trouble coming to. Tom put a lot of energy into what poetry is today, and should be thanked for his effort. publishing poetry is pretty thankless, but thanks from me.
folks we gotta get these damn typos before they get us!!!
I added another page to Digital. the link is now comfortably to the right there, do click away. must be about 100 Word pages worth of writin'. and a few visuals. as I haven't worked a lot with the scanner my scans probably could be better. probably should make them smaller. anyway, getting the hang of doing web pages.

and by the way, this is publishing. certainly not at the instigation of an EDITOR, and that kind of acceptance, but it's a book's worth of writing in public view. on the one hand, big deal, on the other: I'm proud of the work or I wouldn't be showing it.
somebody recently released a poetry book called Ghosts by Albert Ayler. I'm sure the poetry would disappoint, but I love that tune by Ayler. it's only 2 minutes long, as I recall (been long long time since I heard it). the drummer's tearing things apart and Ayler picks out a chipper, loopy tune. the effect is giddy, makes me smile just to recall.
pax et lux Elvin Jones. listened to a jazz show on radio the other night, a great piece by Jones's group. bass and drums fetched up on this bounding marching rhythm while sax wailed on top. there was a captivating hitch to the rhythm, very energizing not just hypnotic.
I ought to make a list of buddhist books that I have found helpful. the ones that have done the most good so far are the practical advice ones, how to sit still, don't worry the details, etc. for starters, because I began meditating after I read it so it's gotta work:

Mindfulness In Plain English, by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana. Wisdom Publications (2002).
who are the geniuses out in your quadrant?
smarmy 'crush lists', super smiley faces and feel good movie simplicity staking some claiming here and there while putzing around the place what the fuck it's a doormat in front and in back you can watch the sun say so long

Thursday, May 20, 2004

kindly permit me my ordeal
my own phone rings
to you and as such seek your understanding in my
honest persistence in delicate
proposal to you as below
only son of the special Adviser
and crystalline sequence lariat
on finance and Economic planning
topical refreshment in oasis blend
to Mr. Charles Taylor,
long thought dead in long dead thought
erstwhile president of Liberia
in the willowy blow and circumstantial relief
My Special Adviser
Charles Taylor killed was in the renewed mother
all this because of the tussle for power in
international media
During the heat of Liberia recently
immediately the opposition group
Nigerian president offered
some of his aides and Loyalist
to be in Nigeria as Crisis and the American president did
above as he stated during his five working Africa
upon coming where I am
presently as a refugee because of the serious Liberia and
all my burnt bank
frozen by the Liberia who have taken my father
in a security trust in Europe before
his death and he handed over all the document and
information to me which are with me here in diplomatic
means to Europe as African Artist
tracts contained in the
security box.
The total amount inside $20 Million and all I
need from you at this point is your acceptance to help
me claim the deposited father I also
require your utmost fullness
in working me to get the deposited account while I meet
in completion
to get my share and invest it in
your advise and for me to start a
new Orphan get 20% of the your assistance while
5% will be incurred for items.
You are to respond to me gently
with your direct
personal details to me
the complete modalities to you
Once again I solicit for your urgent pains
here. You can as Yours in need

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


I myself have bunched writers well, smoking their materials with tremendous vehicle. my sediment of medication arrives with clammy morning, and passes consistency solidly in reference to floors and drones. this sorted writing produces on top of the few serial theories ramming into posts near highways and corridors. I feel satisfied by this smoking farfetched that brings me to such tearing sounds, lighter than hair.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

be satisfied with the simple pleasures is what I'm sayin'. since I shall not gather sillimanicious crowds to my blog, I might as well enjoy the little activity I get. the searches that people do that end up at my blogs is at least a leedle interesting. someone searched for kitten pictrures, and I had both words. not to say the searcher was satisfied with this result, didn't stay long, but I can only do so much.
been reading Jerome Rothenberg's Pre Faces. not someone we ought to ignore. he was banging on the boundaries 40 years ago, and that banging still has jolt. the anthologies he's been involved are excellent, especially America A Prophesy. revivifying.
watched/played the tutorial to Final Fantasy X. my son and his friends very into role playing video games. these games are quite complex. FFX presents what appears to be a 15 year old boy as hero. he's supposedly a blitzball star in this post modern world, but he looks like the cute skateboarder dude practicing in a parking lot. some thing called Sin devastates Tidus's world. apparently he lands 1000 years in the future. he... let's see, gets picked up by a boatload of pirate like people, who don't speak his language. there's a girl who looks about 12 years old, albeit with prominent breasts and her ass isn't covered. Tidus is attracted. I think Sin, a huge glowing wobbly ball, causes Tidus to be swept from the boat. he wakes on an island that seems to be Hawaii. meets blitzball players, and a comely summoner, who appears to be about 15. she's a prietess, essentially, wears a long dress. once again Tidus is attracted. there's a subtext about Tidus hating his mean fatehr. thru out, there are battles with assorted monsters. luckily Erin advised me how to apocalyptic world that seems to be thinning to nothing. I haven't seen her yet but one of the characters uses as dolls (sic!) as her weapon of choice. suddenly: PIRANHA!!!. should I use sword or grenades?

Monday, May 17, 2004

ach, whimsy terrifies the populace

Sunday, May 16, 2004

two hunks of Digital plus a more sensible structure up at my site. even have a jpg tho I haven't gotten clever with that stuff yet. I need to learn a lot, but at least I am somewhere along the path.

I'm here to disappoint

Google searches try their darnedest, but still people looking for regular info find themselves at Rockets&Sentries. someone searched for John Kerry and Fess Parker and were offered my blog as an answer. not sure what question lurks in that pairing. someone also sought Anthony Kiedis. I guess I can tell my Fess Parker story here. Fess came to give a presentation at the wine company I worked at. I was working on a project and could not take in his presentation. golly, but excited people, especially the older women in the company. Fess, I like to call him Fess, came into the store after his presentation, saw me, came over and said, hi I'm Fess Parker, we didn't get to meet earlier, and shook my hand. sheesh. he was in his 60s, very tall, with that warm accent. the number of times winery reps have made don't bother judgments because I looked seedy or whatever, but Fess just came over like regular folks. another brush with fame: at the Pariots Day parade in Concord, Mass, once, near the Bridge, a procession of worthies, among them, Ted Kennedy and 2nd wife. it was more like a perp walk because the crowd was separated only by a rope from the marchers, and were very excited to see someone with such a red nose. this parade is a good place to view the habits of the tweed wearing bunch, by the way. people were proffering their hands to Ted for ritual handshakes, and because he was so close and everyone else was doing it, I saw my hand dart out expectantly. luckily my brain kicked in, and I pulled back my hand before I could succumb to an early morning martini-tinged contact high. I didn't need the blessing.