Saturday, May 29, 2004

swallowed in
U.S. (united)
into one monster
into no time
for monster
and digested
in like time
in U.S. (united)
in bound by
and in buried by
the monster
that taking
and initiative
that tearing
and blend until out
from the monster
out of that time
out of the U.S.
tensions between
rival countries
nodes of
out of words
into no
concept at all
reading Mircea Eliade, The Sacred and the Profane (Harcourt), which I am enjoying. Jerome Rothenberg refers to Eliade in Pre-Faces. trying to understand the religious and/or spiritual (I infer a difference between the two terms, religion to me being formalized and structured social tool (opiate) while spirituality is an individual um search for meaning) from outside rather than in. buddhism attracts me for just that, it is within, and it isn't structured so much.
a sticker on a car showed a flag and the the inscription TO DIE FOR. not only is the effect low octane, it just strikes a goofy path. 'to die for' is usually applied to death by chocolate cakes or such like, and it means to like a little bit. furthermore, the tone in't frozen. one could easily see a question mark at the end.

Friday, May 28, 2004

wow, comments!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2004

I was out front spraying a troubled almond bush when a young man greets me from the street and asks, for real, if my mother or father were home. the gist of his program was that he was selling magazines. he was really smooth. told me he'd been a knucklehead on the street corner, you know, and doing that, but wised up and got in this deal where he's taught how to speak well, and then sent out to sell magazines. he certainly did speak well. he asked, am I presenting myself well? and I said, better than I do. whether he was scamming or whether this is a legit thing, he was wasting his talent.
quite a few people have come to my blog after searches on Hilda Mupesa. are they trying to determine whether or not the deal is a good one? well, if you want my opinion, it is a great opportunity that you will not want to misss!!!.
yes that was me watching "Troy" this afternoon. wanted an instant replay of Achilles Pitt in a feint and leap to defeat his 1st adversary. a Bruce Lee/Michael Jordan sort of move that belongs on Sportscenter. the movie took license a-plenty re Homer, yet the license didn't bother me the way all the little changes in "Lord of the Rings" added up to a big smack. I could see the dramatic point in the changes that were made for "Troy". I dug out Fagles' translation of The Iliad, which I haven't read in longtemps. dunno if I still have Lattimore's version.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

off to West Virginia next week. I'll probably bring quite a few books, to cover all moods. this can be my desert island selection. I want Heidegger and Hegel along, and the Pali Canon, and I dunno what. Maximus poems, but I'll ponder what other poetry. I don't mean to read any fiction. we will in fact be pretty busy working so I likely won't have a lot of time to read. and I mean to paint. more pondering to do.
reading Mircea Eliade, can't remember the title. along with a cool name, he has a good perspective. albeit with some cultural baggage, but you don't be avoiding that too easily. the Boston Archdiocese just trimmed a bunch of churches, in what amounts to a business deal. underproducing franchises. the parishioners who were interviewed on tv were all at least 60. the church doesn't grab the younger generation. what holds the older is the social construct rather than spiritual claims. I'll have to search out a line from Eliade, leans right on the point. a change of world view. the rampant abuse in the church, and the heinous cover up surely illustrates dire holes in the superstructure. and the church just sounds liek another scrambling business with lay offs and store closings. I'm not yanking the Catholic church particularly, of the Unitarian that I grew up in seems thoroughly pointless except as a social vehicle. it's for those who don't want to sleep late on sundays.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

the Ultimate King of Condition files into the hall, view, well, it’s a place, palace? he is just one, perfect, not only, is there, is well, is okay, is talking to the Ultimate Queen of Condition, and anyone else, is talk, cheap sometimes, ready, on target if willing, well, thoughts about thinking thru all this business, while the planet swirls in survey, HEY! I could be the Ultimate King of Condition, or you could be so, or Queen thereof, full disclosure, or in-law of something else in the same vein, or truly inspired to release, while the craft of poetry sticks to the roof of real eaters, HEY! I could do That! and tomorrow is another condition while yesterday lurks and leaks, steaming jungles full of condition, which any conditioned man or woman might jack up to new heights or plummet like a retarded expectation along lines of there and then or here and now, well, you get the picture, lofting over the jungle where condition, YOU get the picture while telling people, YOU and I both get pictures while waiting or ‘online’, you and I and many others included in ‘all’ defer to the expectation of condition while surveying all these plants and animals etc, we, you see, this is about the Ultimate King of Condition, and the Ultimate Queen of Condition, and no doubt the Ultimate Dog of Condition, and the Ultimate So Forth of Condition, long lines, there must be a use for being so, yet this is not to say it NOW, HEY! listen to condition itself, without Kings and Queens, and see if care, see if caring, see if in between the words already used there are more and better, see? let it, that is, rise or whatever the verb is today, all condition all the time…

Monday, May 24, 2004

more than 100 Word pages worth of Digital up. and a few scans. I will announce it soon to Poetics list, but that may be a waste of time. I infer slight curiosity on the list. the main point for those who post there, is what sort of personal arguments, or political hay, can be made. Cid Corman and Gil Ott had to die to enter the conversation, for instance, people don't talk a lot about poetry there. and seeing how short the shelf life of books is, it's really sad. we've seen it, the 1st rush of interest, then books lanquish. I'm sure a lot of poets are slogging their work, I mean they do readings and make their book available, but sales don't show. it's a potlatch society. witness the blogosphere, where you see a finely tuned give and take. if you self promote me I'll self promote you.... poetry isn't dead, but one must be hardened to the task, that the satisfactions are intensely personal and hidden. unless appearance on crush list is a satisfaction, and not just a smarmy lunge. Digital is writing I believe in, and that'll be good enough.