Saturday, April 16, 2005

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comments field is gone here. the only reason I'd want to retain comments is for compliments (you rock, Allen!!! or maybe: awesomely said, Allen!!!!!). I don't believe that dialogue works in comments boxes. you can email me if you have something you've got to say to me. I don't assume that you do.
talked with a young writer friend the other day. he's 10. I've known Isaac for 2 years. used to do a class with him, now we hang and talk. it's not condescension to call him a writer, he's very busy at it, takes it seriously. and his use of visual has been instructive for me. he recently wrote a story in columns, 4 per page. the idea being that he was writing Chinese. his writing would be a feast for Jung, for it's full of archetypal imagery. a great deal of murder goes on in his stories, inscrutable Shakespearian tragedy. he wrote a series of mysteries featuring a Holmesian detective called Septic Option. I asked where he got he name. he replied he got it off a box of Rid-X, a product that treats septic tanks. he wasn't being self-consciously clever, as I would've had I gotten the name that way, he just saw the word combo and liked it. he very much thinks of himself as a writer but doesn't need to convince the world yet. there is something greatly therapeutic for him in his writing. writing and drawing provide a vocabulary by which he can deal with the traumas of life. so there's an aspect of expressive threapy to his work, but it would be cheating Isaac to say that's all his work is. it's a basic confrontation with elemental issues, for sure, and also an artistic journey. he's not at the point where he rewrites, it's still simply a mighty outpouring, but there is integrity to his artistic vision. that's what gets me about the Foetry drama. so much wallowing in rep. and it's all such a mess of non-issues, except that they're promulgated by needy people prancing publicly. what a thin tea that sweat makes! nervous artist types.

Friday, April 15, 2005

I wouldn't advise the non-crank Enrique Gould nor any the others who've quit or threatened to quit blogging to keep on with their blogs. I continue to have trouble staying on with the project, and I love writing this thing. this sort of writing works with my particular process. I can see how blog-writing might distract others from their process, for me it fits my method. but it can become a show, a public dance. examples of such cheap thrills are out there, easy enough to find. how's my career look everyone? maybe this thing reads like that but from this end it is useful (albeit fun) work for me. but still... I quit the flarf list, where I didn't belong anyway, tired, and I don't feel any group attachment. Henry's comments below regarding hisnon-crankiness are pretty sharp, and kind of inspire this pallid rumination here.
I should've noted my regrets that Henry G has left the building. not enough iconoclastic cranks in Po-BizLand. anyone can repeat the effable, it's the singular ones who are of interest.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I mean, imagine if Alan Cordles and Jim Behrle both hated me: I'd sure be up shit creek. and if Ron Silliman lumped me with his latest monolith, I guess that would hurt pretty bad. I mean, if any or all of that happened, it'd totally be all over for me. wow, have I had a vision of hell just now!!!
I mean, let's assume that high schools over, and we've moved on...
I mean, if could ever hurt you, shouldn't you wonder why you're so tender?
christ, Jim Behrle casts himself smaller and smaller the more he whacks the dead horse. the Iron Hand crush'd the Tyrants head and became a tyrant in his Stead.
I guess John Latta will be glad to know that I agree with his point about Silliman's fight against School of Quietude. Silliman procceeds with a concerted lumping together process, badgering this idea he has of School of Quietude. the conservative politics we see in this country bases itself on people doing the same effing thing. Silliman embarks on a dispiriting imitation of criticism when he deplores the monolith he imagines. he has too much intelligence to be this lazy.

Monday, April 11, 2005

previous piece was written 5 years ago, which is about as far back as I'm willing to go with my poetry. I stumbled on it recently. I kinda started the whole thing over about 1999, really make use of the lessons I think I learned. didn't Spicer say he was born in 46, becasue hat's when his writing started, or something? but anyway, itthe poem reads like I wrote it recently.


that much settling down feels like the end of everyone. grave sight.

today is the end of yesterday, finalized in abrupt words. not that the matter ends, only that there can be only so much, left to what.

only so many tributes fill the void. the void stares back, reflective. today, that sad boundary. tomorrow, look at the day.

damp clouds are no help, and the rain is only a mild excuse to cry. today is what is left, out of gas or what’s the word for something? anything might fit the day or what people need, when loss is tremendous.

trees groan under the weight of what trees grow under the weight of.

the river goes away and the bier takes flame. that is bad enough, as we hold.

we haven’t a chance, or in sunlight anything could be shiny. new today will grow old. anything timeless has limit.

today is leftover or forgotten, tomorrow looms emptiness and what we look for, when the rains stop. who we lose is important, in the struck rock way of pickaxe into mine wall.

so much gets lost, just like that. yesterday, when it was okay, seems so harsh.
indeed Lanny Q's various, witness:
where sand and pupils
in the sea of schools

which is more expansive than the previous, and lovely still. I don't know what the typical Quarles piece is like.
lovely poem by Lanny Quarles, also posted to Wryting-l. no superfluities, and the words seem like stones. I am not a minimalist, wish I had that beam focus. Creeley, Niedecker, Zukofsky in ways (perhaps I am not quite speaking minimalism but...)... minimalism is a mode and I'm afraid I'm probably caught in maximalism (but I love that too: Jim Leftwich, Ron Silliman, Peter Ganick...)... anyway, back to point, great poem by Lanny Quarles.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Jonathan Mayhew read A Nest of Ninnies, but didn't like it. he preferred Schuyler's other novels. I liked A&G alot, really charming, and I haven't read What's For Dinner (great title tho: there's room in the novel world for the deflated). well, okay. JM says on his blog that he's read more than one Saul Bellow novel. one did it for me (The Dean's Winter, a truly lifeless piece of work), so I guess it's a matter of taste. sooth to say, Creeley's not to my taste. that's no denying Creeley's greatness, but I get more pleasure from O'Hara, say, than Creeley. poetrywise, at least. I really dig Creeley's critical work, including interviews. oddly, 2 of the most influential poem type writers for me are minimalist: Creeley and Grenier. Grenier as my only teacher sent me in directions that saved me from inflating Whitmanly, and Creeley just gave example. I was warmer to Olson's poetry but I needed to fight and wrassle with the Creeley oeuvre. and maybe I get caught up in the idea too much of poetry, when I just can't comprise the term in a usefully concise way. Mike Snider loves poetry and Ron Silliman loves poetry, that's absolutely clear on their blogs, but they don't love the same thing. not hardly. what I write, I've always called it poetry, but why is it poetry and not something else? I've written 7 novels (I know, hard to believe), 2 of which could possibly be worth publishing if this world fit my theories at all and if I, like, should show them to someone. all of them MUCH influenced by Ninnies. no plot, no character development, so what's left? I dunno, but it's my vision. that's what I love about Ninnies, and A&G too. so my poetry: my writing that hangs under that designation, it is what is available to me to write. I don't mean to make a boring statement like that. I still get bedeviled by form. why stanzas anymore? what's the dimension of a line? what does punctuation mean? these questions are easier to answer from formalist standpoint, but even there, got to twiddle with what's expected. well I guess I should cut this divagation short, I'm supposed to be writing about Jung.
don't get too excited, but here's a TRANSLATION that I did. it's long, you'll have to dodge a popup, nobody cares, I'm misunderstood, you're too busy, etc. anyway: Translation (All Apologies).