Sunday, September 06, 2015

Saugus Massachuswtts for Some Reason

I accompanied Beth again as she went to take pictures of houses for a real estate appraisal. We went to Saugus, which is not far away. I hardly know the place. I am moved to write of Saugus.

It is an old town. In Cub Scouts, we went to the Saugus Iron Works on the goddamn hottest day of the year. Didn't get a great impression of the place.

We passed thru Wakefield on the way. Wakefield centre boasts a sparkly New England green and an amazing amount of landscaped flowers and shrubs. Just outside the centre is a lake full of sailboats and surrounded by people briskly afoot. Nice!

Saugus, on the other hand, is the Corner Liquor Store Capitol of the World. Saugus also ties for second in the Neighbourhood Pizza Joint competition. I saw quite a few grandly invasive churches, including some that probably have bomb shelters for riding out the Apocalypse. That's just a guess. I'm talking the Bible as read thru crazy, which is a pretty normal state of affairs, sadly.

On the plus side of Saugus, they don't chop down trees unnecessarily. On one side of the road you see houses cramped together. On tother, a hillside of vegetation, permanently empowered.

Speaking of which, Saugus has more than its share of hillside. I swan to John, West Virginia would be envious of the ups and downs of Saugus. Furthermore, roads in Saugus shimmy side to side by a good sum. Really, you don't see more the 20' ahead on the road, and these roads are often thin.

We went off a main road onto your best guess of a back road, which wriggled here and there then gave way to a coven of normalesque suburban homes. I added the -esque because several of these houses had pedestaled lions at the driveway's mouth. Whoa, grandeur! One grand house had a wrought iron fence surrounding the property. Chez Citadel for the Coming Economic Downfall.

Beth and I both shifted between thinking Not Bad and Armpit. It is a weird half rapture. I mean, the aforementioned Saugus Iron Works, a 17th century work of plucky colonists and a national historic site, sits amidst an ordinary clutch of suburban normal. I thought you would like to know about Saugus. It resides in all of us.