Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I just wanted to recommend a podcast that I've been listening to. it is called You Look Nice Today. it is not easy to describe, tho I will flail away for a few sentences. I can declare that it is hilarious. I do not think that you get a good idea of the podcast from the web site. it consists of 3 guys, connected by Skype, I presume. they converse. really they riff, do bits, in a dry, low key way. I think what they do is chatter amongst themselves for 2-3 hours then boil it down to about 30 minutes. I'll just say that it is a jumble of arch humour, sarcasm, whimsy, bad taste, and too much education. I might suggest that it is a little like Seinfeld, because they are plangently dedicated to the small and under-inflected. I cannot even quote any felicities, tho I can point to a slobby impersonation of Bill Cosby. I am, right now, a fan, however long that will last.