Thursday, October 20, 2005

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saw a teenager taking a picture of something at the highschool. her subject could've been a pile of filled paper leaf-bagging bags, an intersting mark of moisture on the school wall, something I couldn't see, or some tableau of these. she took quite a while to frame and focus--which you'll rarely, by the bye, catch me doing. it was school hours but she was off free on a photo taking mission. she possessed a sense of focussed seriousness. young artists reside in a world of intense possibility. they may feel they haven't the ability to produce some large work, say, or technically lack the skill to do this or that, but they proceed knowing so much is interesting and possible. which feeling isn't necessarily lost to older artists, but it takes more effort to remain in that sense. we all know people in high school and college, who wrote, played music, did art, who later kinda sorta lost that aspect. it is something, then, just to hang on.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

more installments at Antic View await your visitation.

Monday, October 17, 2005

flarf on the vine

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

reading a number of things simultaneously. Paul Klee's diary, a bio of Nietzsche, Rilke's Letter to a Young Poet, and Jung. this is a scattered way to proceed but all that's currently available for me. Jung and Klee together make me think I ought to keep a journal. I've been doing a dream journal since march. this new one would be a memory book. it seems like a healthy useful writing project. speaking of which, and in fact I already did mench, but Stephen Vincent's verbal riffs on his photos, as he has been doing lately on his blog, are nifty use, let us say, of the photos. I should wish all health to Stephanie Young's camera, that it may continue capturing shots of poets in the wild.

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I see sunlight in the treetops from my new view here at my desk. first view of sunlight in 10 days, sicne before we moved: 10 days of rain. no leaf-peeping this year, the trees will hurry thru the spectacle then drop their load. yesterday we made our way thru the mighty Shawsheen River, which had slopped over its sides a bit. at an intersection we saw a woman pushing her car backwards. not surprised to see a stall out. there was a bit of an incline there so she ran the danger of losing control of the vehicle. I ran over to push, at the same time as 2 other people came to help. a man and I took position at the front end, I asked a woman to keep other cars clear while we manuevered. the man directed the woman steering, who was flustered and confused with steering backwards. we got the car to a safe place. the woman in the car kept saying, where did you come from? it was a funny confluence of assistance. I remember a comic book from my childhood. Adventure Comics, I think. the one that featured Superboy and other young heroes (Supergirl, Mon-el Ultra Boy) fighting crime in the 30th century. in one issue we meet several potential heroes who tried out for this august crimefighting unit. alas, these potential heroes were a little lacking in superpower. Nightgirl had Superboy-type powers, but these only manifested at night (!!!). Chlorophyll Kid could make plants grow instantly, but even Brainiac 5 (5th generation nephew of evil-genius robot Brainiac(sic!)) could see no way that such a power could fight crime. so these losers band together as the Substitute Legion of Super Heroes. you just may guess that the divas of crimefighting got themselves into a super pickle such that the Substitutes came to the rescue. our heroes rallied wonderfully, had a good plan of attack and parachuted into the fray. I vividly remember Fire Boy, who was the leader of this motley, calling out orders to everyone, including these memorable lines: Stone Boy, you turn to stone. I mentioned that they were parachuting in, right? I figured the suddenly dense and impervious Stone Boy had ought to drop like a lead weight. anyway, our daring rescue yesterday brought all that to mind. and I am looking at the sun fill the treetops.