Thursday, May 04, 2006

nice kitty... last night we were outside and heard this alarming sound in the woods nearby. a sharp, urgent barking cry. with some googling (but without making a poem!) and putting things together, we determined twas a fisher cat. neither cat nor fisher, it is a critter in the marten family. recently returned to these environs, and known to be a ferocious hunter. Beth saw one recently. it sat upon a rock. the cry sounded fierce but in fact is a mating call. translated, it says, I like chardonnay, cappuccino with a shot and a half of hazelnut and sunset strolls on beaches. and also eating stray kitties.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I think I had ought point to Lanny Quarles' blog, the name for which I can't even scratch up a mental pronunciation. it's amazing how much stuff heaps up. not all his stuff, either. he has a couple times posted works of mine that I sent to the Wryting list, and does this with other Wryting list writrs, and elsewhere. plus the weird visuals and such and so forth. it's a nice usage of the medium. the 2 lists that I'm on are safe places to present work insofar as if no one likes it, they keep quiet. in contradistinction to, say, the Poetics list, where snotty ass ewww reactions are typical. Lanny uses his blog to present new work, work that he likes, and things that he stumbled on. it all races, and that's good.

Monday, May 01, 2006

another trip to IKEA but the world has changed. no mile long line to the parking lot. nay, we parked in the cavernous parking garage. Beth had looked online for what we needed, a bookshelf solution for Erin. up the escalator into the flow. that enforced look-at-everything floorplan of the store is obnoxious. not that the siren calls affect me much. Beth, on the other hand, is intrigued by the peripheral splendours: chair solutions, lighting solutions, napkin solutions. we found and looked at the bookshelf solutions. an accessory solution was actually out of stock: oversold as the tag said. queried a store associate (I forget IKEA's particular euphemism for employee) for possibly a clock radio but was informed that IKEA carries no electronics solutions. he made it sound as if this little store hadn't the room. I was thinking clock radio solutions would make sense vis-à-vis the general bedroom solutions the store offers but no. eventually, after passing by every piece of IKEA merchandise that hasn't currently been oversold, we came to the self serve merchandise pickup. here you supply yourself with carts that veer terribly to one side. we did NOT find all the bookshelf solutions we sought. actually, I guess it was a small bedside table solution that came up blank, leastwise in the particular designer colour that would have solved our particularly idiom of colour design necessity. then to check out. Beth acquiesced to the lure of paper napkin solution and, whimsically, a string of dragonfly lights solution. our modest 4 item purchase allowed us to utilize the self serve checkout solution. somewhat brusque advice from the store associates helped us with the upc reader (hold it 4" from the label) and the slow but not balky credit card dealy. then merely negotiate the veering cart thru a maze of darting people, and between cars (there are no walk thrus in the garage). now, we had to hustle home, for we had SHAKESPEARE (famous English literary hero) to partake of. as Beth noted, if you build it they will come was proved as, so far as I can tell, there's no direct way to reach IKEA, leastwise coming from our direction. so we gots a little lost, but home in time to collect Erin, who for some reason had no interest in an IKEA visitation. the play was by the homeschool cooperative, to which we. 12th Night. I enjoy this play much more than Winters Tale and Much Ado, previous productions. to me, it's enough that they remember their lines, but a number of the performers inflected and filled out their roles. the boy who played Feste was quite playful and funny. the teenage girl who played Toby Belch was whip smart with the funny lines, great timing. few of the kids enunciated well and most of them squeaked a bit, so it was hard to follow at times. but it was a lively production, and entertaining. thus my full featured cultural day.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bedside Books

periodically I will list the books laying by my bed. it doesn't mean so much what I am reading as what's new, what I wish to read, and what gets left there by the myterious creature or force that does that sort of thing. and so, 1st sighting in what promises to be a super exciting... you know...thing...:

Fitterman, Rob: Metropolis XXX--Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Harryman, Carla: The Middle
Young, Mark: Betabet
Berrigan, Ted: Collected
Arguelles, Ivan: Baudelaire's Brain
Vallejo, Ceasar: Posthumous Poems
Parcelli, Carlo: Fern-Parallelismus
Niedecker, Lorine: Collected
Play-Doh: The Republic
Burton, Robert: Anatomy of Melancholy
Delany, Samuel: Trouble on Triton
Porreca, DP: Ribbons of Light, plus
4 working notebooks
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