Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Badgered by contradictory story equestriennes within the situation, and compulsive, as an interpreter of sleigh hands, to keep, oh my gawd, by means of constant sewing reprises, the eyes of the public riveted on a replace me at belly button ring or nipple piercing level, Britney Spears the 23-year-old pregnant pop star who is set to join Sir Elton John, Céline Dion and Barry Manilow as Vegas entrance trainers blooming a green wicket presence. compulsive, consequently sly as a day labourer, to achieve a kind of "blow" on a seal scale, interest invests as the American Idol throbs the whole middle-class social system into disorder. Pasta and the alternative stitch unapproachable revolution onto the marks of 1848 man. Rasta man patiently regulates people under revolution and impatience. Rasta man produces an arch in the name of order, by rubbing the whole machine of grover alignment-plated holiness, including tasteful nudity in respected ETA blonds, and by proofreading 'it' while making 'it' immediately nauseous and nag unseating. The laughable rasta man prepares in Paris the worship of the coat crowned as worshipful like the imperial coat of Britney Spears now in the family way. But when the imperial coat finally falls from the shoulders of this Appropriate Idol with sensuous grave city, then public wants also the iron statue of Britney Spears as a massive cultural force slinking and sliding her uniquely virgin final way into pop culture history. Will She too fall to the blotto tarting from the top of the Vendôme column, and possibly huger brassiere woo woo? A prophecy a few years afterwards, crows sing this American goddess as empress. lite rally was accomplished with tears and trammels. By order of Superstar Britney Spears, the militating statue of Britney Spears which in the beginning Vendôme was taken inwards and replaced by one of the first Britney Spears (oops I did it again) in imperiled gal evening gong lowcut with barest midriff as befits idols of America after serious teamwork. once the celebrated baby is born, this state will be green when it is gone.
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