Monday, September 26, 2005

I love this picture. it evokes severally. the blimps look like fish, strange and wonderful. tho we, residents of the modern world, are used to objects in the sky, blimps, as well as searchlights, bring to mind a seemingly primal sense of war, of something impending. I'm reminded of Ashbery's dire "Europe". I once saw a fascinating tableau. I was watching a blind man confidently cross a rather busy intersection. looming largely ahead of him was a blimp, looking gorgeously framed in the sky above the buildings and trees. the blind man was missing that, tho that is not to say there aren't ferlies that I too miss. or I mean, the man was so admirably adept and adapted to his condition, yet there was a marvel he could not see. before I noted the blimp I was in something like awe at the feat of perambulating without sight so well as this person. further memory (tangent time), was standing at a cross walk in Harvard Square next to a women with a seeing eye dog. the sign adamantly read DON'T WALK but a flood of people were crossing anyway, as per Harvard Sq. just the blind person and dog (and I) took heed of the sign. anyway, I see I am boring you. it was fortuitous to capture 2 blimps at once. when you hear the engines of blimps they sound too tinny and inadequate to motivate these whales of the sky. I like and love the serendipity of camera work. I don't want to work at photography as I do with writing and painting. I just want to take pictures frivolously, and hope something shows up. the birdwatching school of photography. for that matter, I don't want to work at birdwatching (Thoreau poking about for hours), I just want to be ready when something happens.
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