Saturday, November 19, 2005

boiled links down some. added Michael Magee, publisher of both Damon K Johnson and Pythias K Mohammad, nice balancing act. funny and thoughtful writer. I let one Jukka link do for all, his work is very worth the look. non-performers are right out, except David Hess, I keep waiting. in the mood to scrape all links. even a mite tired of blog right now, but I'm at $.07 (American) with AdSense, and don't want to lose that revenue stream. speaking of which, I always wonder (which isn't true, but I've done it a bit) how Jack Kimball keeps up with his links so well. he seems to get new links and changes to old ones toute de suite. at the prices he charges, I guess one should expect good service, but I still admire his efficiency.

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