Saturday, April 28, 2007

saw Erin's 2nd performance of Shakespeare. I reiterate that glitches do not mar a performance. if someone loses a line, or some miscue occurs, it is part of what theatre is. there's no cut, take 2, and we should accept that. at one point the lights went on while 2 of the crew were onstage. it was when Juliet lay dead. it looked like the crew members had been teleported in, so it drew a laugh. one tune played thru out the performance is called "Beginning of the World", a bright little dance number. I think I managed to identify Juliet and Montague as sisters, but the scorecard clearly indicates otherwise. I'm still at the stage with the play where I fumble with who's a Montague and who a Capulet. not that I mind missing having read the play in HS. I believe I read Merchant of Venice in school, and saw the Marlon Brando version of J Caesar, the rest I read/saw on my own. I mean the rest of the 15 or so plays that I know. I almost got R&J out last night, but it would only have been an item upon which to dream. Juliet the actress fulfilled the youthful forlorn tragic dynamism, the seriousness of her adolescent terms. she always gave her lines dynamics, which I think is a considerable feat. the other players didn't really touch her in terms of music and ability to speak her lines with such naturalness. props to Erin, who took care to read his lines with a slow, ominous pace, a slow burn at times. one doesn't want him portrayed as Snidely Whiplash, because the weight of the tragedy should be spread over all. a person I no more than nod to made a point of coming to me and saying how good Erin was, and specifically noting Erin's pacing. I can barely watch Erin, for fear of glitch or miscue, which perhaps puts the lie to my earlier assertion. yet I needn't worry, if I just allowed brain to lead the way. I think the humour in Shakespeare's plays is in some sense easier to play, tho suggesting ease is a disservice. even tho the japing doesn't always makes sense, words used oddly to current ears, the players catch the rhythm and enjoy the times of flourish. whereas the tragic scenes can be pretty overwhelming, the poetry hardly willing to let a human voice peep thru. gotta read the full text now.
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