Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I like looking at Sitemeter's stats for this blog to see whence the myriad readership comes. I've been much surprised by the uncommon number of folks who arrive via Google search on 'fisher cats', almost as many as on 'awesome poet" and 'beloved by all". well as it happens, at the top of said Google search are 3 images of fishers. I linked to the middle one when some fishers were noising about nearby a year ago last may. click the picture and you arrive at my archived fisher post, not the picture itself. just so you, dear and talented Reader, know: I m not a fisher expert, I didn't take the picture, I didn't even steal it. but welcome to FISHER CAT FISHER CAT FISHER CAT Heaven on the Net. since you've arrived, I hope you buy my book. it's got all the modern conveniences including author bio, isbn number, title page (with big letters!!!) and, for those times when you need to cite, numbered pages. makes a great gift.
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