Thursday, September 20, 2007

I saw a book today entitled Truth and Poetry Concerning Uric Acid. honestly, I did. sounds like a title I should use somewayhow but it's a 19th century medical book. Truth and Poetry placed in opposition. poetry as fabulous, unlikely and untruthful. it is fair to ask why such an interpretation could exist at all. poetry is a consternation of language. not a misuse, but an objective demand on language's boundaries. and, yes, there are effects in poetry that can make anyone wince, in every generation. the Byronic hero (which Byron himself could be pretty acerbic about) has yet to keel over, for instance, and of course, odes to dead animals. to say poetry is truth is to step onto a wobbly rock, but poetry possesses something that relates to others (readership) in a deep way. so that people who disparage or ignore poetry still accept an assertion pertaining to poetry, almost as a religious function. I cannot speak knowledgably of the truth of uric acid but I doubt not at all about the poetry of it. a language of uric acid, a communication of the processes and reactions involved with uric acid. think, in this world, of the details, each bit with a language. the novel JR by William Gass... [is that right???]... features a young boy as the title character. that boy makes the vivid point that everything you see, even toilets: someone has made a millions bucks on. every thing, too, has a word, every word possesses marks of poetry. I mean poetry as an aggressively expansive force in lives. I mean poetry as a conformation and challenge within the mighty relationship of out selves and the world. holy crap, this is a large involvement, people!!! so this medical book, from a bygone, but still: the poetry of uric acid: it exists!!!
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