Friday, June 06, 2008

I was surprised to learn of a rippling buzz about the Sex and the City movie. I am not paying attention, admittedly, I mean, I really watch no more than 2 hours of tv a week, if that. which I do not say with any superiourity. I would love to swell with the best and worst that tv can deliver, but my time just does not afford it. I have seen several episodes of SITC, found it agreeable enough. I was unaware that it had such an audience that would clamour, if not clamber, the full monty of a Hollywood release. it rides a different camel than the latest Indiana Jones movie. both are resumptions after hiatus, but powered differently. IJ is Lucas' sluggish response to the original movie. he had this franchise but both IJ and Star Wars had to wait for Lucas to fulfill his micromanaging imperatives. isn't that the case? the 3rd episode was a dissertation on the art of phlegmatic perfunctoriness. this 4th is, without my seeing it, a visionary extenuation of that perfunctoriness. I do not know why SITC dawdled into the current flower that it is but I do not think it was entirely canny in its arrival a ce moment. what ev, it caught the Hillary flush. which is to say that it can be read, in the wide media, as a feminist document, just as Hillary's candidacy can. the feminism in both is both real and invented. the real is just the inescapable politicized fact of women perceived, media-wise. the 4 SITC leads are made heroic monstrances, but you cannot carry that far. they are 4 well-etched but not extraordinary people. Hillary is a politically-charged ion. the feminism in both cases is personal. there is a degree to which you can see the Democratic race as sexism vs racism, which will die 1st. that's intellectually lazy but we take what we're fed. Hillary, like Bill, brings a lot of savvy, an eager necessity, and sleaze. maybe those qualities are more effective than Barack's charm. I really do not know how to play that one. SITC never struck me as fully loaded, so its sweep of the nation is a surprise. I hate how racism and sexism are mediated in the public debate, ulteriour gamesmanship. SITC and the Democratic primary race both take hold of the public imagination in a sloppy popcorn way. I mean the way the audience finds its voice as audience thru the ventriloquism of media pundits. the wisdom almost says that stupid Southerners favour Hillary while over-educated Northerners favour Barack. check the tattoo on your forehead to see which one you are. does race beat sex, then? not in SITC, I warrant. the candidates shrivel to a minor detail, and who cares what finally happens
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