Monday, September 14, 2009

Thomas Lowe Taylor

Thomas Lowe Taylor died yesterday, September 13. He was (how quickly the verb tense shifts to past) a poet and visual artist, not so well known, I think, as he should be. There exists a whole underworld of artists outside the academic meme producing an astonishing amount of driven, poised, living work. A great deal of collaboration occurs between these artists. I will name a few: John Bennett, Sheila Murphy, Jim Leftwich, but it is a widespread, lively, and important community of artists, muchly invested in the Internet. Which is to say (the gist of my sermon), invest in an Internet search, follow the trails. I can offer a starting point, the effort of Jim Leftwich: some links to Thomas Taylor’s works. This is just a smattering of his work. I hope this hint causes you to lean past the boundaries.

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