Friday, October 30, 2009

Paul Zukofsky Is Trying

Ron Silliman bristles—I think that is the right word—over Ben Friedlander’s declaration that Marianne Moore is Modernism Central here, but I am taken by Paul Zukofsky’s scruffy possession of the da’s good work, which you can find here. Modernism is a sort of causal elk that I not need run after. Not to ignore historicity, but I think Ron’s too Lou Dobbs-ish about the borders. But Zukofsky…

The writers of interest all have someone guarding the gates. Mostly these gatekeepers are trying to protect the reputation. That does not seem to be Paul’s task, his interest attaches more to the golden calf. And it is all curious to me, not knowing how much money Louis’s work can add up to. Anyone know? I would not guess a lot.

From a marketing standpoint, I would think there was more mon to be made by letting the quotes flow liberally and sit back on the book sales. I will not argue Paul’s rights, but he comes across as sad and crass. Oh well, it is none of my business.

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