Saturday, July 31, 2010

News Flash: Comments Out at Silliman Blog

I stopped looking long ago: I knew the dickheads lay in wait, like ant lions. And we weren’t even getting the juicy stuff because Ron was scuttling what he found most offensive.

My guiding stance is that comment boxes should be open and unedited, but the dickheads have gamed it too well. You have to put a fence up,just to keep the bots from taking over with their automated commercial pressure. And the nuclear spats I have seen even here are just depressing enough for me to consider them the call of Fire! in a crowded theatre.

Beyond that is the big what’s the point anyway. Ron Silliman has a brand name reputation. This reputation attracts the various actors and dancers to his stage. Their own venues lack interest.

Okay, I got them psychologically sussed, but the larger point remains that the mechanics of the comments box sucks for colloquy, sucks for dialectic, and sure as hell sucks for essays. They work for informal blips of thought and nothing more. Well no, they work for bullying. Let them write big brave letters directly to Ron: kindly sir, would you please sir publish my comment on your blog sir. If these associated dickheads can’t edit themselves then someone must do it for them. So I have commented on commenting, my work is done.

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