Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Chained Hay(na)ku Project

Here is the announcement from Eileen Tabios for The Chained Hay(na)ku Project. It is an anthology of collaborative works, including one between Anny Ballardini, Jeff Harrison, and myself, and another that grew publicly on the WRYTING-L listserv. The anthology includes loads of other collaborations. Great stuff and a good deal! Eileen’s projects should be supported because she is so supportive.

Press Release from Meritage Press and xPress(ed) .

Curated by Ivy Alvarez, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Ernesto Priego & Eileen Tabios

BOOK Link:
ISBN-13: 978-951-9198-78-1
Price: $16.95
Release Date: 2010
Distributors: Meritage Press, Amazon and Lulu (

Meritage Press (San Francisco & St. Helena, CA) and xPress(ed) (Puhos, Finland) are pleased to announce the release of THE CHAINED HAY(NA)KU PROJECT, the third anthology based on the hay(na)ku poetic form and the first to focus on collaborations.  About a hundred poets and artists from around the world participate in this groundbreaking anthology, with each poem involving the participation or three or more poets/artists.

The hay(na)ku is a poetic form introduced in 2003.  Its swift popularity would not have been possible without internet-based communication.  With the internet's capacity for engendering collaborations, it was inevitable that a collaborative hay(na)ku project such as THE CHAINED HAY(NA)KU would arise, and fitting that it began with a public invitation from a blog (on June 24, 2007, an invitation was posted on for poets to participate in hay(na)ku collaborations).  Poets, artists, and even members of a company's editorial department responded, and this anthology is one result, along with friendships and much fun!

To celebrate the release of THE CHAINED HAY(NA)KU, Meritage Press is pleased to announce a SPECIAL RELEASE OFFER: the book will be offered at $10 per book (you can order as many as you wish) through September 30, 2010.  Free domestic shipping is also available within the U.S.  To order, make a check out to "Meritage Press" and send to

E. Tabios

Meritage Press

256 No. Fork Crystal Springs Rd.

St. Helena, CA 94574

More information about the hay(na)ku poetic form, including the participants in THE CHAINED HAY(NA)KU, are available at The Hay(na)ku Poetry Blog (  More information about the two earlier hay(na)ku anthologies are available as follows:

The Hay(na)ku Anthology, Vol. 2:

The First Hay(na)ku Anthology (now sold out but with stray copies available in the internet, e.g. Amazon):


FYI, an early reaction to THE CHAINED HAY(NA)KU is available at

For more information or questions (including international shipments), please feel free to

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