Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Deftly Rendered Critique of Boston Poet Tea Party by Jack Kimball

Jack Kimball in cunning concision provides a useful encapsulation of the Boston Poet Tea Party here, the very same occasion to which I applied a lot too many words. BPTP was a social event first, which is good, but the yards of excitement were not holding poetry so much. I compare with the eager reportage by Geof and Nancy Huth on the Avant Writing Symposium at Ohio State. Others are reporting on AWS, but Geof and Nancy were also at the BPTP. They have been effusive at Avant and less so at BPTP. Hm. BPTP was fun but it lacked avant. Avant-wise, I think we should be kickin’it old skool. Poetry does not want to be just a social club. That cage is just a little too small.

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