Thursday, August 05, 2010

Two / Quick / Things

One) Ron Silliman celebrates his birthday today. OR if he does not, I do. His work has been with for me yikes many years. My copy of Tom Beckett’s mag The Difficulties, Silliman issue, an early nudge in the right direction, is mightily scribbled upon and highlighted. I learned from Ron Silliman. In the blog space he provides many opportunities of expansion, plus a stable critical anchoring that you can argue with but always respect. He does yeoman work. I tip my tributarian cap.

Two) Entirely unexpected, I received a poem from Geof Huth in the mail. We didn’t exchange addresses so he efforted the search, right down to 9 digit zip. I guess the Internet knows where to find me. This is a wonderful gesture of community, especially for one like me who feels detached from the social happening of poetry. I publicly tip my tributarian hat to Geof, as well.

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