Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Men Who Stare at Goats

Watched the movie the other night. The trailers were inviting, whenever I saw them (no explosions!). Enjoyed it.

I haven’t read the book but the movie supposedly is based on facts. The idea of the military attempting to find use for New Age psychic powers is both unbelievable and not so. The operation would necessarily be crazy ass. Thus the movie.

The plus of the movie, and a word to movie makers, is the cast. Do not use defined comedic actors in these roles, or certified character actors. Instead, lean towards the old pros and stature types. Let ‘em  rip it up. It is plain fun to watch Jeff Bridges, George Clooney, and Kevin Spacey act wiggy.

Ewan MacGregor is the straight man, the witness, but even he gets a few sly ones in. The other three, they firmly involve themselves in their characters, but you see a twinkle. A blurb on the dvd cover says that this resembles the Coen Brothers at their most outrageous. I would leave the prepositional phrase out, perhaps because no one is being stuffed into a leaf shredder. The movie is goofy, that’s good enough.


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