Friday, June 17, 2011

Excellent Movie Idea

Excellent Movie Idea!

The Glowing Green Osprey

Dear Hollywood, Please remit $10 million dollars for can't miss movie idea.

Adolescent boy (Max) and girl (Sam) rescue a strangely glowing green osprey from a flock of marauding crows that were harrying it. Both Max and Sam wear glasses but neither is fat or anything bad like that. The glowing osprey has an injured wing, which Max and Sam fixed by stealing bandages from their parents. Everyone makes fun of the children because of their affection for this glowing green bird.

The three become inseparable. The bird follows them around on foot, even to school. In a telling scene, the town bully picks on the children and threatens the green osprey. Luckily, the osprey somehow manages to thwart the bully, who ends up soaking wet. All the school children cheer. The angry and disgraced bully says, “Aw, take your dumb green osprey and get outta here.”

Later, the children discover that the town's bank has foreclosed on the town's nice old grumpy man's ranchland because it turns out that someone—a pirate most likely—buried pirate treasure on the land. The children want to save the town's nice old grumpy man, Old Man MacGillicuddy, and also the very interesting historical artifacts that would bolster their town's economy by putting the town on the map. Luckily, the glowing green osprey—a CPA, as it turns out—points out certain accounting discrepancies. The bank's mean manager fiddled with the books to set up the foreclosure. The bank manager, who is the father of the town bully, is arrested, and both him and his son somehow end up soaking wet. As the sheriff leads the mean bank manager away, the bank manager says, “If it wasn't for that darned green osprey, I'd be rich beyond belief.” The osprey gives a typical osprey cry and everyone laughs.

The End

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