Sunday, March 25, 2012

Boy Bands are the Antennae of the Race

The Arts section of yesterday’s New York Times has an article on the latest trend in boy bands. I have not yet delved into this no doubt scintillating look at pop culture, I was simply caught by the photo. It shows the group One Direction onstage at the Radio City Music Hall. The same place where I saw the Dalai Lama.

The Times offers full, blurry colour for this photo, the subject is just that important. It is worth a description.

We see all 5 group members; the photographer got pretty close.

The singer on the left, as seen by the audience, stands closest to the camera. He holds the mike to his mouth, with just thumb and index finger. The other fingers are straight (I’ll avoid saying erect). He holds his left arm across his abdomen, hand open, palm down. He tilts his head up, eyes closed, and looks pained. Manipulative sincerity, do you think? Oh girl!

Next in the picture, tho he seems to be somewhat behind the others, is singer 2. He wears beige chinos (or whatever you call ‘em), like the 1st guy, and a plaid shirt. And red sneakers, you go guy! Mike’s in right hand, and he’s pointing up at the balcony, to Tiff, Heather, or Jen. Oh girl!

The 3rd singer is possibly the farthest right, if I read the camera angle correctly. Red pants and a t-shirt. Left hand on left thigh, leaning forward. Sincerity plus. Oh girl!

Up front, as it appears, tho I would not think a hierarchy would exist (something for everyone approach), are the final 2 singers. The one nearest the camera holds the mike angled up towards the cheap seats. His partner aims lower. Both wear beige chinos.

Reading the article, I learn that the five tried out individually for British X Factor, but Simon Cowell convinced them they would become greater commodity as a group. Which is pretty much the story you’d expect.

Long ago, I saw a picture of the New Kids, and felt overwhelmed (well, that’s a bit exaggerated) by all the signs. The footwear each wore, their stances, even the rattail of the homely guy, seemed like bits of essential communication. Not in the sense that we all have a style, etc, but that some arcane messaging were in effect. Like we should get experts to read us these messages. And I do not mean anything to do with words like subconscious or libido, but more like crop circles. Why red pants???

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