Friday, March 21, 2014

Blogs and Change

Tributary, this very blog, is almost 10 years old. That must be a century in Internet time. The blog has changed considerably. I began nervously, with flighty random thoughts. I then recounted things Beth, Erin, and I did, things I read or seen. That’s what I want from my writing, ride the wave.

A few years ago I chose to formalize the writing a bit. I used titles, which focused the subject matter a bit. I went to a little more effort with rewriting and the typo hunt. Not perfectly so, I am bound by a necessity with the blog to dash it off. I will usually let errors go if discovered later on, unless it is really ridiculous. And I almost never remove posts.

Anyway, I thought that I would post more often, and on a wider range of subjects, or even if I don’t know it’s a subject. Blogs of 10 years ago were much more conversational in the sense of readers functioning in and as a network. That job has been taken over by Facebook and Twitter, in a more fleeting and superficial way. I like writing and I like following the mysterious trails, so I will continue in my evolving niche. And there we are.

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