Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Antic View Returns

Almost nine years ago, Jeff Harrison and I began a blog called Antic View. We intended to have a public dialogue about writing, about his approach, my approach, the approach of others. We had a hiatus two years ago when my focus slid elsewhere. Not my interest, however, and certainly not Jeff’s. There was no formal closure, I just was looking in a different direction (several, I guess).

Jeff’s work has changed considerably over the years (I won’t comment on my own). In the fancy dance of the Internet, neither Jeff or I wiggle with proper gusto. I think Jeff has produced a fascinating and unique oueuvre unconditioned by the Internet’s official poetry world. I believe I have as well. Antic View, in my view, gives evidence that there are things outside Harriet the blog, and the academic rules committee. I don’t mean this in some sparkling defense of genius, I simply acknowledge the haves and haven’ts of promotion. I am happy to promote Jeff’s work, and even my own, but the point of Antic View is to see the work at work. The link, then: Antic View.

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