Saturday, October 16, 2004

Risk Management

the Duchy of Risk Management: the better wares of better than there.
when the people of Risk Management prefer a field, there becomes sane
relief out of the eye. look over their reward, the considered spatulate
fingering. here’s a world war’s reunion, pleasant enough as all quiet
means the same thing. bouncing back from resistance to a meantime plan,
laughing in front of the sentence to come. in the Duchy, far telling
ways implode for a circus of effort. wings over Iraq as a pause to stop
the listing to sides of normal. wings too in other planetary points,
well known in words and dressed right up to kill. furor wants a roving
home town team. the Risk Management people rise instead to conclude.
they have willing sentences in mind. a sport names itself dread and
everyone listens carefully.
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