Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Carl Annarummo used Blue Cheer as part of a fumigating process. that's what I infer, and I can see it. Blue Cheer claimed to play louder than anybody. their achievement kinda begins there, see where it goes. they did "Summertime Blues". the drummer scrambles to be heard over guitar and bass. you can hear the snares rattle to the hum of the amps. Eddie Cochran did the song so that you could dance. BC so's you could break rocks, or believe there's an upside to obliteration. The Who went epic with the song. Joan Jett sped it up and watched it run away to the pop fields. funny sea changes, identify the times. I've been listening further to Led Zep. Erin hears "Rock and Roll", which he knows from the endless commercial redactions, and wants to borrow the cd. the song is 'today'. in their jams, LZ goes from noodling to something almost carefully blue. Zep is some monster dictator, complete in command. sometimes Jones and Bonham don't know what to do, because the other 2, the principles, are engaged in their spatial matter. wait for the heroes to come back. Plant wails in high honky fashion, and gets away with it, admittedly, and Page is guitar god. Page does some runs that are exactly 3½ times faster than any reference to the song. it's giddy, and I'm not 15. BC were noise, let's don't get lavish. they pled Marshall amps at 11. you feel a force, the dictum of some woozy philosophy. LZ, those guys had the stage and kept it. I almost believe the biz of their selling their souls (except Jones), tho a different transaction maybe than Robert Johnson. I saw Sonic Youth wow 10 years ago (and they were old then!). I likened their 2 guitar fever fest to Richard Thompson. different means to a similar end, that is. the sort of split the air with musical effect kind of experience. Thompson could do it with speed and grace, SY with noise diverted towards eloquence. it's fun to believe.
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