Sunday, March 26, 2006

my morning romanza began around 4:00, when the cat started knocking things onto the floor. cats are great. this subtle means is how he gets me up. sans doute if whatever hit the floor stays there, the dog will eat it, which is not always a good thing. I took the dog for a walk before 7:00. I noted that the Catholic church was already busy, causing me to realize that today must be Palm Sunday. Easter was always a rather insipid holiday for our family. I grew up in a Unitarian church, so the Christ is risen stuff is safely kept in a box marked Quaint Ideas of Others. that's what the Unitarians are about, respect for but not belief in the quaint ideas of others. there was decorating eggs, which I didn't like, the candy, which I did like, and a big dinner. I became interested in Easter when I made the connection to rebirth of the world. and when I started doing gardening, Easter effectively become whoopee. one hard winter years ago, I'd amassed a huge pile of snow from shovelling so often. ths pile was right on a planting of crocus. on Good Friday I got anxious that the crocus wouldn't survive till when the pile melted, so I attacked it with shovel and spade. and sure enough, on Easter, crocus appeared. I think that year Good Friday was on April 1. which I thought funny: He's gone! April Fools. anyway, later I took my bike out for a short tour. one of the sleepyhead Protestant churches rang out a hymn, sure, a dreadful one but still. I shan't have a garden this year, nor any bulbs, alas. the last couple of years my garden was largely on auto pilot, as we just didn't have the time or energy. I miss scrubbing around in the dirt.

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