Sunday, March 25, 2007

boy, if Sparta only had a Pop Warner football team... I am not keen on how computer-generated effects seem so lifeless. I have an active distaste for the sort of animation used with Shrek. the effect is anemic and the opposite of engrossing for me. 300 was effective but the cartoon quality intruded frequently. the giant that the Persians unleashed was a bit ridiculous. he pulls a sword from his bicep during the showdown then pulls one from his eye. decapitation fazed him a bit, however. I liked the scene in Troy when Achilles goes one on one with a similar, albeit less Orc-like, giant (mano against mano as the Joker says in the 1st Batman). a Texas death match in which the winner wins the field for his team. Achilles Pitt runs towards the giant, who was created in one of Vince McMahon's steroid factories. the giant throws spears which Achilles deflects. when they are about to clash, Achilles makes this nifty leaping kick feint that brings him in position to drill his sword into the back of the giant's neck. game, set match. in 300, closeups were used to distraction. reminded of JFK. Oliver Stone stuck the camera up everyone's nose except his hero Garrison, a cheesy ploy. it seemed more random in 300, like it seemed like a good idea at the time. I found it a cluttering technique. now, did the Persians really wear silver masks? I don't think it is necessary to add cream cheese to the historical artifact. that is, I don't think you can make up stuff more fascinating than the historical record. I doubt that the survivour of the 300 would really have given such a boring speech prior to the Armageddon with the Persians at the end. still, without having seen the graphic novel, I'd say the movie did it justice. it translated the effects into cinema in a way that would satisfy fans of graphic novels. it satisfied me well enough.
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