Friday, March 30, 2007

Official Reading Announcement

2:00 P.M.
106 Prospect St.

ALAN DAVIES is the author of many books of poetry, including Name (This), Signage (Roof), Candor (O Books) and Rave (Roof), as well as an untitled collaboration with photographer Mark Winterford published by Zasterle. He has written many critical articles and book reviews, and has lectured here and abroad. He was twice a recipient of Canada Council Grants for the Arts. His big book called Life is forthcoming from O Books. He is at work on a lifelong project consisting of individual books, a couple of which have been published as chap books.

ALLEN BRAMHALL has lived in Massachusetts all his life. He attended microscopic Franconia College, where Robert Grenier taught him for a year and published his work in This 3. He next published 27 years later. He has one book published, the highly collectible Simple Theory (Potes & Poets Press), and another due from Meritage Press. He ruminates, asseverates, lollygags and flickers on his awesome blog Tributary. He also paints.

I haven't read a lot of Davies but I like the idea of a lifelong project. I agree, I shouldn't be allowed to write my bio. and yet... I like mentioning Franconia, because it's such a quirky note on one's resume. and Grenier made a strong impression on me that I feel the need to note. and the 27 year gap between publications says something, fill in the blank. and I take this blog seriously. the person who read the note at the last Demolicious reading had trouble with the list of verbs in the penultimate sentence. oh well. I'm a very good writer.
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