Friday, August 15, 2008

little known poetry hermit Eileen Tabios has published a new book. she knows that publishing old books sniffs poorly. look here for particulars. some while ago, Eileen asked if she could use blog comments that I made regarding her work. I said yes, because she asked, and because any writer wants the words in front of eyes. I had to say, tho, and did, that my comments seemed pretty Bramhallcentric. her reply was that that was fine, that the use that I (or anyone) could make of her work was of interest to her and, with hope, to others. and it is. I have not read The Blind Chatelaine's Keys but I have read some of the commentary contributed by others, and look forward to the usage that she makes. this kinda brings me to recommend Goodreads, a Facebook for readers, where people share their reading interests. especially cool seeing what other writers are reading. Jeff Harrison, great under-known poet, opened the door of this to me. the connections that we make seem magical, but they are imperatives sprung from the source.
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