Saturday, May 01, 2010

Bill Knott Don’t Like Bloglaureates

Bill Knott posted the following in a comment on my previous post. I bring it forward here because he brings up points that I did not, plus he sounds a cranky note that I can only aspire to. Join me, fellow cranks!

the "blog poets" they nominate are alike in one way: they don't publish their poetry on their blogs or the web—

unlike them, I post/have posted ALL my poetry online for free open access and download . . .

which it seems makes me ineligible for any blogpo laureating—

surely to be the po-laur of the blogosphere, you should actually publish your poems there?

all or most of those laurpo nominees use their blogs chiefly to publicize and sell their deadtree books—

seriously: how can any deadtree poet be the laureatepo of the blogworld?

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