Sunday, August 21, 2005

I just did a Google search on Rodney Koeneke, because I like what I'm reading here and there (honest, when the money starts to flow again, I'll be buying shit, but right now selection must be careful). I could feel my fingers mistyping--I'm typing challenged not spelling challenged--but scrutable Google understood to ask if I meant Rodney Koeneke (preferred German pronunciation) as opposed to whatever I came up with. sure, there's an implicit snideness to the question, but it remains a useful feature. and it occurred to me to try my own name misspelled, specifically Allan... hoping without hope... so I guess I've made it this far, that Google offered correctly spelled did you mean this?. I forget now who raised the question of self-Googling recently. maybe it is an engine for some, and maybe it isn't. after a couple of pages that predominant with my name (when I google my full name), mostly blog entries, the results start veering towards Doyle Bramhall, the village of Bramhall, and various other indications that my name's not on every tongue. oh, it's a game. back in May, Radical Druid questionaired which was more important: widely-read, widely-known, widely-quoted, widely-admired, or well-paid, and I crassly answered well-paid. if I were well-paid, I could buy more books, support more writers, paint, etc, not forgetting the real world of Beth and Erin. the other stuff seems so transitory and fluff. and I'm not reading this out of one of the buddhist books that I am reading more than ever. I have ego a-plenty, which I need not even aver. those widelys don't carry much impact. seems like you got to foster them. and anyway, writing is fun, I don't need any of those improvements to keep me in gear. a writer wants to be read--yup, okay--but a writer wants to eat lunch too. and a writer just wants to write, right? we know the icky part of Pound was the social ameliorizations he wanted to accomplish, and perhaps there are more current examinations of this point, the struggle of the poet to determine the saying. those widelys bob before us all, and blogs are tempting tools thereof. I try to focus on a further widely: widely written. what the hell is more important than that?
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