Tuesday, August 23, 2005

rereading Jack's piece I just want to say... that I envy? no, I don't envy another's contribution. I respect, knowing that I must keep my own self minded to the precincts of serious multiplicity, the emotions of distraction and focus. I won't offer a roadmap to my own current emotions, tho they be doozies, except to cite their manyness and confusion: life going on. I mentioned integrity below re Dahlen, and re Vincent as well. integrity registers because the game is always, simultaneously, on. matching hazards to the gifted plan, so that we, holy shit, make poems!. it's absurd sometimes, and trying too hard, and all that muddle that we join in, enjoined. and then that smoothing consideration, which humanly bares or makes allowed: how does language work? we're in the middle of it, right? yet language wins, 4 falls out of 5. yet that fifth, take the fifth. I have no confidence, really, in my critical acumen, haha, even to employ such a term. I'm just a vehicle for, at best. yet wait a sec, I felt something. this poem--it's a poem, right? I haven't mistaken that part, have I?--it just feels so lovely to read. I don't have my dukes up, which is a lot of the gust of theory, I'm just saying what I think I saw. tributary.
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