Thursday, August 25, 2005

we leave for West Virginia tomorrow. the underlying meaning of that sentence is that I shall be offline. WV aint big on the amenities. it's just big, of a whole different scale than here in wee Massachusetts, land (nonetheless) of the McMansion. we have to do some work--mostly paint--on the house that Beth's father left her. it's a small pre-Civil War house. there's a Civil War era graveyard on the property. you don't easily get used to such hills as this place displays. they happen so fast and so serious. if you aint going down then you're going up, there's no in between. it is gorgeous and utterly tiring. I mean mentally tiring, or maybe it's the soul that wearies. I mean that seriously, oppression being a subtle daily inference. it's about an hour drive to the nearest store. what the fuck is Washington doing for these people. why the f are they, the good citizens, going along with the program? what is their religion doing for them? I sound like a city feller to propose such questions. I have sympathy for the people of WV, where exploitation (of any and all resources) is a historical constant and metaphysical radius across the great big zero. none of this sort of thing fits in comment boxes, by the way. comments are micro, in the motion towards.
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