Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I found 14 Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I think the age bracket for these is older than Pokemon and younger than Magic. I mean, you give your kid brother your Pokemon cards when you've stepped up to Yu-Gi-Oh. I find these card games recondite to the point of arcane. numbers, images, Japanese characters and 1-point type all deliver key info for those tuned in and have their glasses handy. which I don't and am not. but dude, check it out: Chaos Sorcerer, atk 2000, def 2000. compare that to candy ass White Magician Pikeru: atk 1200, def 0. that's zero, the big O. wtf? I have 3 trap cards (purple): Call of the Haunted, Magic Cylinder, and Spell Shield Type-8. I like how scientificky that Type-8 sounds, and heck, who wouldn't want a Magic Cylinder. great at parties, no doubt. I have 8 spell cards (green). Lightning Vortex must be enjoyable, maybe play some Blue Oyster Cult. Mage Power, mm hmm. Magical Dimension, sure. Mystical Space Typhoon sounds 60s to me, something Owsley might've opened the doors to. a couple of alarming ones: Premature Burial and Dragged Down Into the Grave. PB shows an electric zombie with only right arm and head free, a colourful flash intimating the sinking tho in truth it looks like the victim is climbing out. DDITG looks like someone backflipping into the psychedelic grave (break on thru to the other side) but on closer inspection one sees a big hand pulling the acrobat in. there are 7 brown cards (6 dark, 1 light) that bear no general title but all are characters. Princess Pikeru differs from White Magician Pikeru by having a hefty 800 more atk. still gonna get pwned with 0 def, tho. Mythical Beast Cerberus scintillates bad news but both atk and def are 1400. Magician of Faith sounds nice but gimmie a break: atk 300 / def 400. looks like a jester tho the staff looks good enough for Tarot. Gemini Elf pictures I guess a boy elf and a girl elf, long eared, and maybe a mite incestuous. "Elf twins that alternate their attacks". organized elf twins, that would be. one of the spell cards is Nobleman of Cross Out. an editor!!! and in sooth: "Destroy 1 face down monster and remove it from play." coolio!!!
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