Tuesday, January 30, 2007

watched Inconvenient Truth last night, a largely intelligent presentation. he has a nice, surprising, self-deprecating humour. I was astonished how well he did on Saturday Night Live, comfortable and sly with good timing. Gee Double You got nuthin but that phony folksy smirk. but anyway. nice use of visuals in the lecture. even tho the idea that he said he invented the internet has been deprecated, Gore still comes off as being overly concerned about being a central figure. whatever leadership he showed in the environmental cause is beside the point, and playing up that leadership is pernicious to the cause. you know, oh that Gore. nearly 40 years ago I saw Allen Ginsberg explaining to Merv Griffin that the greenhouse effect was doing bad things, so Gore aint the only one in the fight. he pulled the heartstrings a few times. I'm sure the near death of his son rocked him, but maybe we don't need to know that his son's travail somehow sharpened his environmental concerns. and did it take the death of his sister to convince him that tobacco is a bad thing? that stuff aside, tho. the science was well done. even tho the conclusions might make you crap your pants, the ecological interplay is fascinating. for dessert, watch Day After Tomorrow, or whatever it is called. yikes!
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