Friday, February 02, 2007

Jack Kimball riffs nicely on Bawston. I've lived this sub and/or exurban distance from Boston all, really all, my life but I'm no expert on the place. I like the physical place. as a thinktank, it smells too much like something. why would college town USA be so parochial and insular? not that I can't see difficulties in New York's competitive edge. saw this funky push on Poetics list to establish a poet laureate of Bean Town. needed? nah. it's one more parochial touch. unless, like, they made John Wieners PL, because I take it he ground into and with the town in a way that a PL ought, but aint likely to. otherwise, it is channeled cartoon, like Jack says. a Jetson style moving walkway at Logan presents welcome messages by Mayor Tom Menino and Ted uh uh Kennedy the uh senior uh uh senator of the great uh uh uh state of uh MuhMassaMassachusetts. forever. awk! the place is entrenched. re the Cartoon Network ad campaign, in the Boston Globe, someone described finding one of the gizmos. she said she saw this thing, it had lights and all, and an alarm clock attached to it. it looked like a bomb to her. she picked it up... no shortage of brains her. anyway, I'm wondering what a PL would in fact accomplish. at some state of the city address this poet could downside the message to something all the folks could understand, something like that, I suppose. my own observacation, Bill Corbett would just maintain the academic boundaries. the many schools in the area are rough on the culture.
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