Sunday, April 15, 2007

consulting my notes for the reading friday but I don't take many being as the choice is take notes or listen to the poets. 1st, my Bark Books = Barque Press, run by Brady and Sutherland. note that Quid, published by Barque, can be read in pdf, older issues leastwise. Sutherland, in his introduction, referred to "tumescent invading China". he also used the phrase "romantic gargling". Brady mentioned a website that she has called Archive of the Unknown, but I can't find it. the reason for this may be that 1) I mistranscribed the name, 2) she wasn't talking about an online site, 3) whatever. Chris Good was the missing poet. I wanted to ask Manson if his reading of Good's poem replicated Good's style but when the opportunity arose I determined it was a vapid question and shied from an encounter. I don't think his language is excessively slangy or ensconced in dialect but I did flash on Burns and Clare (when is English not English?). Brady and Sutherland are clearly academics, a term I use here descriptively not judgmentally, whereas Manson is much less so. a stout and stocky fellow, balding, he wore a black t-shirt with a Chinese character on it and was pretty unprepossessing until he began reading. a cheerfully inquisitive Brit (I am aware that this distinction of their foreignness that I make sounds like I'm about to intone a phrase like nappy-headed), taking another 5 minutes to ask a question, noted Manson's more direct approach than Sutherland, to which Manson replied: "don't under-estimate the obscurity of my writing". Manson and Sutherland were placed in the same Venn circle on the diagram that came with the Chicago Review, a circle that they shared with J H Prynne. I don't recall how that circle was designated. Brady was left out of the diagram. not the only worthy who missed the cut.
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