Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm so excited that Days Poem is alive. during its composition, I didn't know if it would end. when it did, I didn't see a hopeful situation for getting its 800+ ms pages published. both Jack Kimball and Lewis Lacook published small portions at their respective online enterprises, and I periodically sent bits to the Wryting list. I pretty much sat on it otherwise. I would bring it up occasionally, more to remind myself of the accomplishment than to "sell' it. the hat is off to Eileen for being open to a work that in its 2 volume published form registers nearly 1000 pages. that says commitment. I shouldn't harp on its size because I think the poem dances lightly despite its bulk. it pleases me that Erin performed the cover design. and at a key point when techno help was needed, Shanna Compton cheerfully supplied it. so a hat off each to Erin and Shanna. I hope those who read it enjoy it.
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