Thursday, September 23, 2004

I guess our scholars gots to get together. Festival of Zukofsky, or Orano Hoedown. Josh Corey on his blog mentions NOT HAVING TICKETS TO THE RECEPTION (how egalitarian is that?), so... missing a piece in the puzzle. I am very glad to see his report. but hey, I'm tired of Icon Bob Creeley. I mean, I'm ready to deprecate what I like about him, just out of frustration or consternation. isn't there a furniture store opening he could appear at? have I said somethign bad? argh. the tiny economy and Masonic Gang Signs of POETRY LITTLE WORLD. Zukofsky is 'mine' too, even if I'm a dumb ass. also, I'm amidst suspecting that Charles Bernstein is James Tate. could it be? okay, I'll let the fizz abate, and write proper respect later. who's the best damn poet in the world?

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